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Daily Filings Activity [?]
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The following is a list of issuers with new insider transaction filings. Data from SEC Forms 4 and 5 are updated intra-day and Canadian SEDI data is for the previous business day plus weekends and holidays. US stocks which have new filing information published during the past 20 minutes are indicated by a bold time stamp. Net $ Value Bias represents the estimated cumulative open market or private dollar amounts of equity type security transactions filed throughout the day for a stock (not adjusted for filing errors).

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Includes US Issuers with filings from 6:00am ET August 20th, 2014 to 8:23pm ET August 20th, 2014
Company (Exchange:Ticker) Sector/Industry $ Value Bias Filing Date
Republic Services (N:RSG) Industrials/Environmental Services & Equipment 14,201,355 Aug/20 4:36pm ET
Rand Capital (OQ:RAND) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators 1,365,242 Aug/20 2:36pm ET
IMPAC Mortgage Holdings (A:IMH) Financials/Corporate Financial Services 857,500 Aug/20 5:01pm ET
ZAIS Financial (N:ZFC) Financials/Diversified REITs 589,225 Aug/20 4:58pm ET
New York REIT (N:NYRT) Financials/Commercial REITs 462,990 Aug/20 12:48pm ET
CIBER (N:CBR) Technology/IT Services & Consulting 314,158 Aug/20 5:40pm ET
Ireland (PK:IRLD) Basic Materials/Integrated Mining 300,000 Aug/20 4:42pm ET
Pimcoorate &ome Strategy (N:PCN) Financials/Closed End Funds 211,452 Aug/20 5:17pm ET
CARBO Ceramics (N:CRR) Energy/Oil Related Services and Equipment 210,916 Aug/20 4:39pm ET
Farmland Partners (A:FPI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Fishing & Farming 202,390 Aug/20 4:39pm ET
German American Bancorp. (OQ:GABC) Financials/Banks 175,826 Aug/20 4:28pm ET
Saba Software (PK:SABA) Technology/IT Services & Consulting 130,700 Aug/20 4:58pm ET
Sun Bancorp /NJ (OQ:SNBC) Financials/Banks 123,027 Aug/20 4:34pm ET
Hanger (N:HGR) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services 99,980 Aug/20 3:59pm ET
Pershing Gold (PK:PGLC) Basic Materials/Gold 98,700 Aug/20 1:11pm ET
WSFS Financial (OQ:WSFS) Financials/Banks 95,219 Aug/20 6:42pm ET
Opko Health (N:OPK) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 90,594 Aug/20 7:43am ET
TearLab (OQ:TEAR) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution 87,963 Aug/20 5:37pm ET
Philip Morris Internation (N:PM) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Tobacco 85,100 Aug/20 2:58pm ET
State Auto Financial (OQ:STFC) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance 62,877 Aug/20 1:18pm ET
City Office REIT (N:CIO) Financials/Real Estate Development & Operations 62,825 Aug/20 8:04pm ET
ViaSat (OQ:VSAT) Technology/Communications & Networking 55,010 Aug/20 2:14pm ET
National Holdings (OB:NHLD) Financials/Investment Banking & Brokerage Services 50,000 Aug/20 4:46pm ET
Blue Hills Bancorp (OQ:BHBK) Financials/Banks 46,720 Aug/20 9:07am ET
Hudson Global (OQ:HSON) Industrials/Employment Services 36,694 Aug/20 4:28pm ET
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals (OQ:AEGR) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 35,236 Aug/20 9:36am ET
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals (OQ:AMPH) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 35,000 Aug/20 4:02pm ET
Digirad (OQ:DRAD) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology 34,618 Aug/20 6:37pm ET
First Mid-Illinois Bancsh (OQ:FMBH) Financials/Banks 28,763 Aug/20 11:01am ET
Talmer Bancorp (OQ:TLMR) Financials/Banks 28,280 Aug/20 11:29am ET
OM Group (N:OMG) Basic Materials/Specialty Chemicals 26,056 Aug/20 5:59pm ET
MRC Global (N:MRC) Energy/Oil Related Services and Equipment 24,596 Aug/20 8:56am ET
Vision-Sciences (OQ:VSCI) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology 22,536 Aug/20 4:26pm ET
Bank Mutual (OQ:BKMU) Financials/Banks 18,270 Aug/20 12:36pm ET
MGP Ingredients (OQ:MGPI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing 17,010 Aug/20 5:19pm ET
Knowles (N:KN) Technology/Computer Hardware 16,125 Aug/20 3:46pm ET
PetVivo Holdings (PK:PETV) Technology/Computer Hardware 16,000 Aug/20 10:10am ET
HF Financial (OQ:HFFC) Financials/Banks 13,680 Aug/20 5:23pm ET
Fifth Street Finance (OQ:FSC) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators 9,740 Aug/20 3:45pm ET
Mad Catz Interactive (TO:MCZ) Technology/Internet Services 5,999 Aug/20 7:12pm ET
CSB Bancorp (Ohio) (OB:CSBB) Financials/Banks 5,970 Aug/20 2:10pm ET
PIMCOorate&Income Opportu (N:PTY) Financials/Closed End Funds 5,541 Aug/20 5:19pm ET
Galectin Therapeutics (OQ:GALT) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 4,560 Aug/20 11:30am ET
Regal One (PK:RONE) Financials/Holding Companies 4,552 Aug/20 4:16pm ET
Kingsway Financial Servic (TO:KFS) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance 4,309 Aug/20 5:28pm ET
Oak Valley Bancorp(NDA) (OQ:OVLY) Financials/Banks 3,350 Aug/20 5:05pm ET
Willamette Valley Vineyar (OQ:WVVI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Distillers & Wineries 2,750 Aug/20 12:30pm ET
OmniTek Engineering(NDA) (PK:OMTK) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts 2,600 Aug/20 3:16pm ET
Juniata Valley Financial (OB:JUVF) Financials/Banks 808 Aug/20 1:00pm ET
M&F Bancorp (PK:MFBP) Financials/Banks 777 Aug/20 11:52am ET
CORTLAND BANCORP INC (PK:CLDB) Financials/Banks 493 Aug/20 9:38am ET
Nanophase Technologies (PK:NANX) Basic Materials/Specialty Chemicals 483 Aug/20 9:09am ET
Where Food Comes From (PK:WFCF) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -2,370 Aug/20 5:42pm ET
CoreComm Solutions (PK:COCMF) Basic Materials/Gold -4,300 Aug/20 3:24pm ET
Ocean Shore Holding Co (OQ:OSHC) Financials/Banks -5,840 Aug/20 1:49pm ET
Sono-Tek (PK:SOTK) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -6,706 Aug/20 2:02pm ET
CVD Equipment (OQ:CVV) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -7,095 Aug/20 4:33pm ET
Arbor Realty Trust (N:ABR) Financials/Diversified REITs -10,400 Aug/20 3:29pm ET
Avista (N:AVA) Utilities/Multiline Utilities -11,141 Aug/20 3:07pm ET
Veracyte (OQ:VCYT) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -12,920 Aug/20 5:29pm ET
Blueknight Energy Partner (OQ:BKEP) Energy/Oil & Gas Transportation Services -13,088 Aug/20 3:05pm ET
Kythera Biopharmaceutical (OQ:KYTH) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -13,140 Aug/20 8:13pm ET
DeVry Education Group (N:DV) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Services -13,312 Aug/20 4:09pm ET
Intel (OQ:INTC) Technology/Semiconductors -17,885 Aug/20 4:03pm ET
Arrow Financial (OQ:AROW) Financials/Banks -20,341 Aug/20 10:45am ET
Heska (OQ:HSKA) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -21,654 Aug/20 4:27pm ET
Extreme Networks (OQ:EXTR) Technology/Communications & Networking -25,200 Aug/20 12:03pm ET
First Connecticut Bancorp (OQ:FBNK) Financials/Banks -25,910 Aug/20 4:45pm ET
Federal Agricultural Mort (N:AGM) Financials/Corporate Financial Services -26,750 Aug/20 3:54pm ET
Pericom Semiconductor (OQ:PSEM) Technology/Semiconductors -28,779 Aug/20 1:51pm ET
Birner Dental Mgmt Servic (OQ:BDMS) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -33,093 Aug/20 2:00pm ET
Mistras Group (N:MG) Technology/Software -35,687 Aug/20 5:52pm ET
SofTech (PK:SOFT) Technology/Software -37,522 Aug/20 2:20pm ET
Power Integrations (OQ:POWI) Technology/Semiconductors -43,137 Aug/20 12:46pm ET
Patriot Transportation Ho (OQ:PATR) Industrials/Ground Freight & Logistics -54,497 Aug/20 5:59pm ET
G&K Services (OQ:GK) Industrials/Business Support Services -54,630 Aug/20 3:42pm ET
Stock Yards Bancorp (OQ:SYBT) Financials/Banks -57,122 Aug/20 2:23pm ET
Office Depot (N:ODP) Consumer Cyclicals/Other Specialty Retailers -59,327 Aug/20 4:56pm ET
Semtech (OQ:SMTC) Technology/Semiconductors -61,101 Aug/20 7:19pm ET
BancFirst (OQ:BANF) Financials/Banks -61,250 Aug/20 5:13pm ET
Health Care REIT (N:HCN) Financials/Specialized REITs -65,900 Aug/20 4:07pm ET
inTEST (A:INTT) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -67,885 Aug/20 1:57pm ET
Convergys (N:CVG) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -69,227 Aug/20 4:08pm ET
CTPartners Executive Sear (A:CTP) Industrials/Business Support Services -83,952 Aug/20 10:06am ET
Medifast (N:MED) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing -84,100 Aug/20 9:01am ET
Silicon Graphics Internat (OQ:SGI) Technology/Computer Hardware -88,347 Aug/20 12:38pm ET
Delek US Holdings (N:DK) Energy/Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing -88,690 Aug/20 4:47pm ET
Arrhythmia Research Techn (A:HRT) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -93,746 Aug/20 4:40pm ET
FXCM (N:FXCM) Financials/Investment Banking & Brokerage Services -100,219 Aug/20 5:51pm ET
Mellanox Technologies, (OQ:MLNX) Technology/Semiconductors -103,140 Aug/20 4:08pm ET
Wisconsin Energy (N:WEC) Utilities/Electric Utilities -108,035 Aug/20 4:36pm ET
MKS Instruments (OQ:MKSI) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -112,431 Aug/20 6:50am ET
First Industrial Realty T (N:FR) Financials/Commercial REITs -115,489 Aug/20 5:25pm ET
Dolby Laboratories (N:DLB) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production -115,962 Aug/20 5:07pm ET
RF Micro Devices (OQ:RFMD) Technology/Semiconductors -116,503 Aug/20 4:18pm ET
Alaska Air Group (N:ALK) Industrials/Airlines -116,853 Aug/20 8:21pm ET
SunOpta (USA) (OQ:STKL) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing -133,800 Aug/20 1:58pm ET
CLEARSIGN COMBUSTION CORP (OQ:CLIR) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -138,360 Aug/20 5:22pm ET
EverBank Financial (N:EVER) Financials/Banks -138,407 Aug/20 6:04pm ET
Quanta Services (N:PWR) Industrials/Construction & Engineering -141,514 Aug/20 11:48am ET
Trex Company (N:TREX) Consumer Cyclicals/Construction Supplies & Fixtures -150,000 Aug/20 4:16pm ET
Kosmos Energy (N:KOS) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production -150,000 Aug/20 3:58pm ET
Donegal Group (OQ:DGICA) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance -159,400 Aug/20 3:04pm ET
The McClatchy Company (N:MNI) Consumer Cyclicals/Consumer Publishing -160,479 Aug/20 4:41pm ET
Kirby (N:KEX) Industrials/Marine Freight & Logistics -160,801 Aug/20 3:39pm ET
Oconee Federal Financial (OQ:OFED) Financials/Banks -175,235 Aug/20 5:08pm ET
HeartWare International (OQ:HTWR) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -177,610 Aug/20 5:14pm ET
Columbia Sportswear Compa (OQ:COLM) Consumer Cyclicals/Apparel & Accessories -181,488 Aug/20 3:33pm ET
Insteel Industries (OQ:IIIN) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -192,637 Aug/20 10:33am ET
Unum Group (N:UNM) Financials/Life & Health Insurance -200,254 Aug/20 4:51pm ET
Webster Financial (N:WBS) Financials/Banks -218,475 Aug/20 4:00pm ET
BorgWarner (N:BWA) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts -219,730 Aug/20 4:03pm ET
Sanmina (OQ:SANM) Technology/Semiconductors -220,330 Aug/20 4:06pm ET
Trecora Resources (N:TREC) Basic Materials/Steel -223,123 Aug/20 10:20am ET
PC Connection (OQ:PCCC) Technology/Computer Hardware -224,309 Aug/20 4:05pm ET
LogMeIn (OQ:LOGM) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -231,389 Aug/20 6:12pm ET
Plantronics (N:PLT) Technology/Communications & Networking -235,028 Aug/20 1:16pm ET
AOL (N:AOL) Technology/Internet Services -238,491 Aug/20 5:02pm ET
China Automotive Systems (OQ:CAAS) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts -241,695 Aug/20 6:01am ET
NanoString Technologies (OQ:NSTG) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -244,113 Aug/20 7:58pm ET
EnerNOC (OQ:ENOC) Industrials/Business Support Services -245,000 Aug/20 5:45pm ET
Concur Technologies (OQ:CNQR) Technology/Software -250,000 Aug/20 11:21am ET
Pacific Ethanol (OQ:PEIX) Energy/Renewable Fuels -252,194 Aug/20 4:31pm ET
Clifton Bancorp (OQ:CSBK) Financials/Banks -252,600 Aug/20 2:03pm ET
Baldwin & Lyons (OQ:BWINB) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance -263,000 Aug/20 5:56pm ET
WisdomTree Investments (OQ:WETF) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators -265,000 Aug/20 9:42am ET
American Water Works Comp (N:AWK) Utilities/Water Utilities -271,241 Aug/20 12:30pm ET
SEI Investments Company (OQ:SEIC) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators -274,800 Aug/20 10:43am ET
Marketo (OQ:MKTO) Technology/Software -282,733 Aug/20 7:44pm ET
Cognex (OQ:CGNX) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -289,838 Aug/20 3:47pm ET
SVB Financial Group (OQ:SIVB) Financials/Banks -310,348 Aug/20 7:13pm ET
Community Health Systems (N:CYH) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -323,014 Aug/20 4:15pm ET
CBOE Holdings (OQ:CBOE) Financials/Financial & Commodity Market Operators -325,000 Aug/20 9:24am ET
Cornerstone OnDemand (OQ:CSOD) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -344,074 Aug/20 7:50pm ET
Ellie Mae (N:ELLI) Technology/Software -344,500 Aug/20 6:20pm ET
IDEX (N:IEX) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -347,405 Aug/20 6:10pm ET
MSC Industrial Direct Co (N:MSM) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -407,765 Aug/20 5:06pm ET
Lannett Company (N:LCI) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -413,000 Aug/20 6:00pm ET
Xoom (OQ:XOOM) Industrials/Business Support Services -419,432 Aug/20 2:01pm ET
Varian Medical Systems (N:VAR) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -421,250 Aug/20 7:31pm ET
Reinsurance Group of Amer (N:RGA) Financials/Reinsurance -430,397 Aug/20 9:28am ET
Suburban Propane Partners (N:SPH) Energy/Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing -442,900 Aug/20 10:34am ET
MarineMax (N:HZO) Consumer Cyclicals/Recreational Products -451,000 Aug/20 5:00pm ET
Linear Technology (OQ:LLTC) Technology/Semiconductors -453,717 Aug/20 5:56pm ET
Western Refining (N:WNR) Energy/Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing -455,422 Aug/20 7:59pm ET
Virtusa (OQ:VRTU) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -460,574 Aug/20 4:47pm ET
OGE Energy (N:OGE) Utilities/Electric Utilities -497,913 Aug/20 2:45pm ET
GlobalSCAPE (A:GSB) Technology/Software -504,000 Aug/20 5:14pm ET
Hydrogenics (USA) (OQ:HYGS) Industrials/Heavy Electrical Equipment -528,851 Aug/20 5:15pm ET
Brinker International (N:EAT) Consumer Cyclicals/Restaurants & Bars -557,148 Aug/20 4:30pm ET
Stryker (N:SYK) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -567,083 Aug/20 4:38pm ET
RPX (OQ:RPXC) Industrials/Business Support Services -572,721 Aug/20 5:20pm ET
ePlus (OQ:PLUS) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -577,468 Aug/20 5:00pm ET
VeriFone Systems (N:PAY) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -600,836 Aug/20 8:12pm ET
Revance Therapeutics (OQ:RVNC) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -611,675 Aug/20 4:54pm ET
Viacom (OQ:VIAB) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production -665,668 Aug/20 4:18pm ET
WEX (N:WEX) Industrials/Business Support Services -667,525 Aug/20 4:18pm ET
Greenbrier Companies (N:GBX) Industrials/Heavy Machinery & Vehicles -697,286 Aug/20 1:06pm ET
Cardiovascular Systems (OQ:CSII) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -711,514 Aug/20 5:52pm ET
Compass Minerals Internat (N:CMP) Basic Materials/Agricultural Chemicals -712,346 Aug/20 4:37pm ET
Tableau Software (N:DATA) Technology/Software -725,897 Aug/20 5:33pm ET
Archer Daniels Midland Co (N:ADM) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing -733,083 Aug/20 3:46pm ET
Franklin Resources (N:BEN) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators -819,616 Aug/20 6:52pm ET
Align Technology (OQ:ALGN) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -820,323 Aug/20 5:01pm ET
IPG Photonics (OQ:IPGP) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -835,694 Aug/20 4:55pm ET
LinkedIn (N:LNKD) Technology/Internet Services -836,702 Aug/20 6:33pm ET
Bright Horizons Family So (N:BFAM) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Services -855,000 Aug/20 12:14pm ET
Illumina (OQ:ILMN) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -858,483 Aug/20 8:16pm ET
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (OQ:ALNY) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -909,030 Aug/20 6:45pm ET
InterMune (OQ:ITMN) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -993,654 Aug/20 8:30am ET
MAXIMUS (N:MMS) Industrials/Business Support Services -1,001,100 Aug/20 11:36am ET
Briggs & Stratton (N:BGG) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts -1,008,109 Aug/20 5:57pm ET
CIGNA (N:CI) Financials/Life & Health Insurance -1,023,267 Aug/20 6:35pm ET
Nimble Storage (N:NMBL) Technology/Computer Hardware -1,024,337 Aug/20 6:34pm ET
DealerTrack Technologies (OQ:TRAK) Technology/Software -1,035,945 Aug/20 5:37pm ET
Asbury Automotive Group (N:ABG) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers -1,044,648 Aug/20 5:41pm ET
Wageworks (N:WAGE) Industrials/Business Support Services -1,095,572 Aug/20 5:07pm ET
Huntsman (N:HUN) Basic Materials/Specialty Chemicals -1,143,080 Aug/20 6:40pm ET
Estee Lauder Companies (N:EL) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Products -1,175,811 Aug/20 5:13pm ET
Gartner (N:IT) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -1,267,039 Aug/20 4:34pm ET
Vonage Holdings (N:VG) Telecommunication Services/Wireless Telecommunications Services -1,286,761 Aug/20 6:29pm ET
DENTSPLY International (OQ:XRAY) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -1,301,743 Aug/20 4:14pm ET
Whirlpool (N:WHR) Consumer Cyclicals/Appliances, Tools & Housewares -1,320,000 Aug/20 4:12pm ET
ChannelAdvisor (N:ECOM) Technology/Software -1,328,154 Aug/20 5:09pm ET
Zillow (OQ:Z) Financials/Real Estate Services -1,385,308 Aug/20 5:23pm ET
Avis Budget Group (OQ:CAR) Industrials/Passenger Transportation, Ground & Sea -1,441,012 Aug/20 4:49pm ET
Camden Property Trust (N:CPT) Financials/Residential REITs -1,492,840 Aug/20 4:12pm ET
Zynga (OQ:ZNGA) Technology/Internet Services -1,506,775 Aug/20 6:40pm ET
Tyler Technologies (N:TYL) Technology/Software -1,548,702 Aug/20 4:54pm ET
Electronic Arts (OQ:EA) Consumer Cyclicals/Toys & Juvenile Products -1,656,466 Aug/20 4:48pm ET
Prudential Financial (N:PRU) Financials/Life & Health Insurance -1,682,659 Aug/20 3:19pm ET
HD Supply Holdings (OQ:HDS) Industrials/Diversified Trading & Distributing -1,866,348 Aug/20 4:42pm ET
Yahoo! (OQ:YHOO) Technology/Internet Services -1,912,810 Aug/20 5:09pm ET
LHC Group (OQ:LHCG) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -1,959,255 Aug/20 4:28pm ET
Tenet Healthcare (N:THC) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -2,018,856 Aug/20 6:36pm ET
Alliance Data Systems (N:ADS) Industrials/Business Support Services -2,046,009 Aug/20 4:04pm ET
Graphic Packaging Holding (N:GPK) Basic Materials/Paper Packaging -2,187,776 Aug/20 5:15pm ET
UGI (N:UGI) Utilities/Natural Gas Utilities -2,211,218 Aug/20 5:45pm ET
Spectrum Brands Holdings (N:SPB) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -2,272,177 Aug/20 5:34pm ET
CNO Financial Group (N:CNO) Financials/Life & Health Insurance -2,283,716 Aug/20 5:06pm ET
Hubbell (N:HUB) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -2,343,059 Aug/20 6:25pm ET
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (OQ:HMHC) Industrials/Business Support Services -2,345,234 Aug/20 12:06pm ET
Synaptics, (OQ:SYNA) Technology/Computer Hardware -2,490,658 Aug/20 6:21pm ET
Cubist Pharmaceuticals (OQ:CBST) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -2,524,852 Aug/20 4:11pm ET
Celadon Group (N:CGI) Industrials/Ground Freight & Logistics -2,952,668 Aug/20 8:07pm ET
W.R. Grace & Co. (N:GRA) Basic Materials/Specialty Chemicals -2,970,774 Aug/20 12:31pm ET
Coca-Cola Enterprises (N:CCE) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Non-Alcoholic Beverages -3,146,400 Aug/20 9:14am ET
Stanley Black & Decker (N:SWK) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -3,203,060 Aug/20 2:33pm ET
Equity Residential (N:EQR) Financials/Residential REITs -3,222,167 Aug/20 4:32pm ET
Brookdale Senior Living (N:BKD) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -3,357,600 Aug/20 8:17pm ET
Kellogg Company (N:K) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing -3,558,039 Aug/20 4:08pm ET
salesforce.com, inc. (N:CRM) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -3,908,672 Aug/20 7:42pm ET
Host Hotels and Resorts (N:HST) Financials/Specialized REITs -4,522,674 Aug/20 3:47pm ET
Stericycle (OQ:SRCL) Industrials/Environmental Services & Equipment -4,547,965 Aug/20 4:07pm ET
Colgate-Palmolive Company (N:CL) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Products -5,269,112 Aug/20 6:23pm ET
Edison International (N:EIX) Utilities/Electric Utilities -5,793,937 Aug/20 1:08pm ET
NetApp (OQ:NTAP) Technology/Computer Hardware -7,384,155 Aug/20 6:31pm ET
Con-way (N:CNW) Industrials/Ground Freight & Logistics -7,524,962 Aug/20 3:04pm ET
DexCom (OQ:DXCM) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -7,943,716 Aug/20 8:11pm ET
Enphase Energy (OQ:ENPH) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -8,088,552 Aug/20 6:08pm ET
IAC/InterActiveCorp (OQ:IACI) Technology/Internet Services -13,035,749 Aug/20 4:24pm ET
MB Financial (OQ:MBFI) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 8:17pm ET
UCP, Inc. Class A Common (N:UCP) N/A Aug/20 8:06pm ET
Farmers & Merchants Banco (PK:FMCB) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 7:19pm ET
Entropic Communications (OQ:ENTR) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Aug/20 7:19pm ET
Audience (OQ:ADNC) Technology/Communications & Networking N/A Aug/20 7:15pm ET
Research Solutions (PK:RSSS) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Aug/20 7:09pm ET
UQM Technologies (A:UQM) Industrials/Heavy Electrical Equipment N/A Aug/20 7:06pm ET
United Security Bancshare (OQ:USBI) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 7:05pm ET
Essex Property Trust (N:ESS) Financials/Residential REITs N/A Aug/20 7:04pm ET
Freescale Semiconductor (N:FSL) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Aug/20 6:45pm ET
Microsoft (OQ:MSFT) Technology/Software N/A Aug/20 6:28pm ET
Echelon (OQ:ELON) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Aug/20 6:27pm ET
Demand Media (N:DMD) Technology/Internet Services N/A Aug/20 6:25pm ET
Pinnacle Entertainment (N:PNK) Consumer Cyclicals/Casinos & Gaming N/A Aug/20 6:22pm ET
Rancher Energy (PK:RNCH) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production N/A Aug/20 6:13pm ET
Quest Diagnostics (N:DGX) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services N/A Aug/20 6:10pm ET
Oclaro (OQ:OCLR) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Aug/20 6:08pm ET
Zions Bancorporation (OQ:ZION) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 5:46pm ET
Lighting Science Group (PK:LSCG) Consumer Cyclicals/Construction Supplies & Fixtures N/A Aug/20 5:38pm ET
KBR (N:KBR) Industrials/Construction & Engineering N/A Aug/20 5:35pm ET
Direct Insite (PK:DIRI) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Aug/20 5:31pm ET
Sensata Technologies Hold (N:ST) Industrials/Business Support Supplies N/A Aug/20 5:22pm ET
Best Buy Co (N:BBY) Consumer Cyclicals/Computer & Electronics Retailers N/A Aug/20 5:22pm ET
Real Goods Solar (OQ:RGSE) Energy/Renewable Energy Equipment & Services N/A Aug/20 5:21pm ET
SFX Entertainment (OQ:SFXE) Consumer Cyclicals/Leisure & Recreation N/A Aug/20 5:20pm ET
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund (N:PDI) N/A Aug/20 5:18pm ET
Urban Outfitters (OQ:URBN) Consumer Cyclicals/Apparel & Accessories Retailers N/A Aug/20 5:18pm ET
Tesco (USA) (OQ:TESO) Energy/Oil Related Services and Equipment N/A Aug/20 5:17pm ET
Glowpoint (A:GLOW) Telecommunication Services/Integrated Telecommunications Services N/A Aug/20 5:17pm ET
Compressco Partners LP (OQ:GSJK) Energy/Oil Related Services and Equipment N/A Aug/20 5:13pm ET
Eos Petro (OB:EOPT) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production N/A Aug/20 5:11pm ET
Vuzix (OB:VUZI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Products N/A Aug/20 5:09pm ET
Medbox, Inc. Common Stock (PK:MDBX) N/A Aug/20 5:08pm ET
Danaher (N:DHR) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment N/A Aug/20 5:07pm ET
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (OQ:MACK) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Aug/20 5:05pm ET
Array Biopharma (OQ:ARRY) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Aug/20 5:05pm ET
Benefitfocus (OQ:BNFT) Technology/Software N/A Aug/20 5:01pm ET
Great Plains Energy (N:GXP) Utilities/Electric Utilities N/A Aug/20 5:01pm ET
Hospira (N:HSP) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Aug/20 5:00pm ET
Willis Group Holdings PLC (N:WSH) Financials/Multiline Insurance & Brokers N/A Aug/20 4:55pm ET
Planet Payment, Inc. - Co (OQ:PLPM) N/A Aug/20 4:50pm ET
Del Frisco's Restaurant G (OQ:DFRG) Consumer Cyclicals/Restaurants & Bars N/A Aug/20 4:48pm ET
Central Garden & Pet Co (OQ:CENT) Consumer Cyclicals/Other Specialty Retailers N/A Aug/20 4:47pm ET
First Federal of Nrthrn M (OQ:FFNM) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 4:43pm ET
Aeropostale (N:ARO) Consumer Cyclicals/Apparel & Accessories Retailers N/A Aug/20 4:42pm ET
Uroplasty (OQ:UPI) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Aug/20 4:35pm ET
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals (OQ:AUXL) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Aug/20 4:33pm ET
The Chubb (N:CB) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance N/A Aug/20 4:29pm ET
Jive Software (OQ:JIVE) Technology/Internet Services N/A Aug/20 4:29pm ET
Guided Therapeutics (OB:GTHP) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology N/A Aug/20 4:29pm ET
Tesla Motors (OQ:TSLA) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto & Truck Manufacturers N/A Aug/20 4:27pm ET
FX Energy (OQ:FXEN) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production N/A Aug/20 4:19pm ET
Akebia Therapeutics (OQ:AKBA) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Aug/20 4:18pm ET
Bay Banks of Virginia (PK:BAYK) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 4:18pm ET
Taylor Morrison Home (N:TMHC) Financials/Real Estate Development & Operations N/A Aug/20 4:16pm ET
Forest City Enterprises (N:FCE) Financials/Real Estate Development & Operations N/A Aug/20 4:16pm ET
Genocea Biosciences (OQ:GNCA) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Aug/20 4:10pm ET
Juniper Networks (N:JNPR) Technology/Communications & Networking N/A Aug/20 4:06pm ET
Amtrust Financial Service (OQ:AFSI) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance N/A Aug/20 4:02pm ET
Sirius XM Holdings (OQ:SIRI) Consumer Cyclicals/Broadcasting N/A Aug/20 4:01pm ET
Rightside Group (O:NAME) Technology/Internet Services N/A Aug/20 3:58pm ET
HCC Insurance Holdings (N:HCC) Financials/Multiline Insurance & Brokers N/A Aug/20 3:56pm ET
M.D.C. Holdings (N:MDC) Consumer Cyclicals/Homebuilding N/A Aug/20 3:50pm ET
Global Payments (N:GPN) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Aug/20 3:47pm ET
Fifth Street Senior Float (OQ:FSFR) N/A Aug/20 3:47pm ET
The Wet Seal (OQ:WTSL) Consumer Cyclicals/Apparel & Accessories N/A Aug/20 3:33pm ET
Computer Sciences (N:CSC) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Aug/20 3:23pm ET
Trxade Group (PK:TRXD) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Aug/20 3:22pm ET
Newcastle Investment (N:NCT) Financials/Specialized REITs N/A Aug/20 3:13pm ET
SWK Holdings (PK:SWKH) Financials/Holding Companies N/A Aug/20 3:07pm ET
Kimball International (OQ:KBALB) Consumer Cyclicals/Home Furnishings N/A Aug/20 3:03pm ET
Sykes Enterprises, (OQ:SYKE) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Aug/20 2:50pm ET
Blue Calypso (PK:BCYP) Consumer Cyclicals/Advertising & Marketing N/A Aug/20 2:28pm ET
WD-40 Company (OQ:WDFC) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Household Products N/A Aug/20 2:27pm ET
Cogent Communications Gro (OQ:CCOI) Telecommunication Services/Integrated Telecommunications Services N/A Aug/20 2:26pm ET
Bourbon Brothers Holding (PK:RIBS) N/A Aug/20 2:07pm ET
SCANA (N:SCG) Utilities/Electric Utilities N/A Aug/20 1:46pm ET
Howard Bancorp (OQ:HBMD) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 1:29pm ET
Sevcon (OQ:SEV) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment N/A Aug/20 1:02pm ET
USMD Holdings (OQ:USMD) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services N/A Aug/20 12:55pm ET
Inland Real Estate (N:IRC) Financials/Commercial REITs N/A Aug/20 12:47pm ET
Bazaarvoice (OQ:BV) Technology/Software N/A Aug/20 12:28pm ET
AAON (OQ:AAON) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment N/A Aug/20 12:27pm ET
UniPixel (OQ:UNXL) Technology/Electronic Equipment & Parts N/A Aug/20 11:59am ET
Towers Watson & Co (N:TW) Industrials/Employment Services N/A Aug/20 11:39am ET
Teleconnect (PK:TLCO) Telecommunication Services/Integrated Telecommunications Services N/A Aug/20 11:26am ET
AVX (N:AVX) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment N/A Aug/20 11:22am ET
Synovus Financial (N:SNV) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 11:21am ET
Huntington Bancshares (OQ:HBAN) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 11:15am ET
FTD Companies, Inc. - Com (OQ:FTD) N/A Aug/20 10:37am ET
Saga Communications (A:SGA) Consumer Cyclicals/Broadcasting N/A Aug/20 10:26am ET
Reynolds American (N:RAI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Tobacco N/A Aug/20 10:17am ET
Renasant (OQ:RNST) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 10:04am ET
THL Credit Senior Loan Fu (N:TSLF) N/A Aug/20 9:58am ET
Empire Resources (OQ:ERS) Basic Materials/Steel N/A Aug/20 9:53am ET
ArQule (OQ:ARQL) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Aug/20 9:51am ET
First Defiance Financial (OQ:FDEF) Financials/Banks N/A Aug/20 9:49am ET
T. Rowe Price Group (OQ:TROW) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators N/A Aug/20 9:33am ET
Natus Medical (OQ:BABY) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology N/A Aug/20 8:04am ET