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Daily Filings Activity [?]
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The following is a list of issuers with new insider transaction filings. Data from SEC Forms 4 and 5 are updated intra-day and Canadian SEDI data is for the previous business day plus weekends and holidays. US stocks which have new filing information published during the past 20 minutes are indicated by a bold time stamp. Net $ Value Bias represents the estimated cumulative open market or private dollar amounts of equity type security transactions filed throughout the day for a stock (not adjusted for filing errors).

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Includes US Issuers with filings from 6:00am ET July 31st, 2014 to 3:52pm ET July 31st, 2014
Company (Exchange:Ticker) Sector/Industry $ Value Bias Filing Date
Opko Health (N:OPK) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 391,889 Jul/31 6:01am ET
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals (OQ:AEGR) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 336,539 Jul/31 12:30pm ET
OceanFirst Financial (OQ:OCFC) Financials/Banks 161,600 Jul/31 11:11am ET
National Bank Holdings (N:NBHC) Financials/Banks 97,800 Jul/31 1:41pm ET
Swift Transportation Co (N:SWFT) Industrials/Ground Freight & Logistics 85,640 Jul/31 1:55pm ET
BSB Bancorp (OQ:BLMT) Financials/Banks 46,354 Jul/31 3:09pm ET
Southwest Bancorp (OQ:OKSB) Financials/Banks 43,997 Jul/31 3:15pm ET
Chemung Financial (OQ:CHMG) Financials/Banks 42,750 Jul/31 9:59am ET
Enterprise Bancorp (OQ:EBTC) Financials/Banks 39,000 Jul/31 2:44pm ET
Enterprise Financial Serv (OQ:EFSC) Financials/Banks 35,100 Jul/31 11:31am ET
Bancorp (OQ:TBBK) Financials/Banks 19,430 Jul/31 8:18am ET
EXCO Resources (N:XCO) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production 9,060 Jul/31 2:24pm ET
OvaScience (OQ:OVAS) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 7,453 Jul/31 8:15am ET
Surrey Bancorp (PK:SRYB) Financials/Banks 6,384 Jul/31 3:38pm ET
Berkshire Hills Bancorp (N:BHLB) Financials/Banks 4,886 Jul/31 12:03pm ET
Union Bankshares (OQ:UNB) Financials/Banks 3,765 Jul/31 3:31pm ET
First Community (OQ:FCCO) Financials/Banks 3,466 Jul/31 2:32pm ET
AJS Bancorp (Illinois) (PK:AJSB) Financials/Banks 2,574 Jul/31 3:18pm ET
NewBridge Bancorp (OQ:NBBC) Financials/Banks 1,091 Jul/31 1:28pm ET
Pershing Gold (PK:PGLC) Basic Materials/Gold 0 Jul/31 11:41am ET
Legend Oil and Gas (PK:LOGL) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production -2,185 Jul/31 1:25pm ET
Village Super Market (OQ:VLGEA) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Retail & Distribution -2,453 Jul/31 10:50am ET
Astro-Med (OQ:ALOT) Technology/Computer Hardware -2,745 Jul/31 12:23pm ET
Citizens & Northern (OQ:CZNC) Financials/Banks -5,103 Jul/31 10:13am ET
EACO (PK:EACO) Technology/Electronic Equipment & Parts -5,170 Jul/31 1:49pm ET
American Woodmark (OQ:AMWD) Consumer Cyclicals/Construction Supplies & Fixtures -29,789 Jul/31 8:53am ET
Mercantile Bank (OQ:MBWM) Financials/Banks -58,290 Jul/31 2:52pm ET
CONMED (OQ:CNMD) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -62,896 Jul/31 3:05pm ET
Dime Community Bancshares (OQ:DCOM) Financials/Banks -96,705 Jul/31 8:31am ET
Solar3D (PK:SLTD) Energy/Renewable Energy Equipment & Services -103,963 Jul/31 9:52am ET
Stock Yards Bancorp (OQ:SYBT) Financials/Banks -147,590 Jul/31 2:15pm ET
Discover Financial Servic (N:DFS) Financials/Consumer Lending -187,050 Jul/31 1:33pm ET
Chemed (N:CHE) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -204,560 Jul/31 3:11pm ET
Xerox (N:XRX) Industrials/Business Support Services -272,493 Jul/31 2:32pm ET
UMB Financial (OQ:UMBF) Financials/Banks -290,343 Jul/31 11:13am ET
Rockwell Collins (N:COL) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense -460,833 Jul/31 1:18pm ET
NextEra Energy (N:NEE) Utilities/Electric Utilities -490,800 Jul/31 3:26pm ET
Natus Medical (OQ:BABY) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -691,370 Jul/31 2:06pm ET
REX American Resources (N:REX) Consumer Cyclicals/Computer & Electronics Retailers -813,420 Jul/31 11:37am ET
Olin (N:OLN) Basic Materials/Commodity Chemicals -841,662 Jul/31 9:23am ET
Graco (N:GGG) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -873,357 Jul/31 2:49pm ET
International Business Ma (N:IBM) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -989,699 Jul/31 10:18am ET
Stryker (N:SYK) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -1,121,318 Jul/31 3:19pm ET
Cognex (OQ:CGNX) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -1,168,591 Jul/31 2:42pm ET
Tyler Technologies (N:TYL) Technology/Software -1,414,650 Jul/31 10:36am ET
FMC Technologies (N:FTI) Energy/Oil Related Services and Equipment -1,617,435 Jul/31 9:52am ET
Equifax (N:EFX) Industrials/Professional Information Services -3,445,378 Jul/31 2:49pm ET
Amphenol (N:APH) Technology/Electronic Equipment & Parts -3,572,281 Jul/31 7:52am ET
TE Connectivity (N:TEL) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -5,030,416 Jul/31 1:41pm ET
Graphic Packaging Holding (N:GPK) Basic Materials/Paper Packaging -5,391,346 Jul/31 10:26am ET
Stericycle (OQ:SRCL) Industrials/Environmental Services & Equipment -7,137,935 Jul/31 3:48pm ET
Caterpillar (N:CAT) Industrials/Heavy Machinery & Vehicles -7,453,577 Jul/31 11:43am ET
Carmike Cinemas (OQ:CKEC) Consumer Cyclicals/Leisure & Recreation N/A Jul/31 3:37pm ET
Cantel Medical (N:CMN) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Jul/31 3:34pm ET
NeoPhotonics (N:NPTN) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Jul/31 3:32pm ET
Peerless Systems (OQ:PRLS) Technology/Software N/A Jul/31 3:28pm ET
Stewart Information Servi (N:STC) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance N/A Jul/31 3:27pm ET
Tesoro (N:TSO) Energy/Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing N/A Jul/31 3:16pm ET
DST Systems (N:DST) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Jul/31 3:07pm ET
Kindred Healthcare (N:KND) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services N/A Jul/31 3:05pm ET
Straight Path Communicati (A:STRP) Telecommunication Services/Wireless Telecommunications Services N/A Jul/31 2:59pm ET
HopFed Bancorp (OQ:HFBC) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 2:44pm ET
Genie Energy (N:GNE) Utilities/Multiline Utilities N/A Jul/31 2:35pm ET
Kayne Anderson MLP Invest (N:KYN) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Jul/31 2:27pm ET
Hercules Technology Growt (N:HTGC) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Jul/31 2:27pm ET
AAR (N:AIR) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense N/A Jul/31 2:25pm ET
United States Steel (N:X) Basic Materials/Steel N/A Jul/31 2:19pm ET
Matthews International (OQ:MATW) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Products N/A Jul/31 2:19pm ET
Patriot Transportation Ho (OQ:PATR) Industrials/Ground Freight & Logistics N/A Jul/31 2:14pm ET
Furmanite (N:FRM) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Jul/31 2:11pm ET
Associated Banc (OQ:ASBC) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 2:02pm ET
Washington Federal (OQ:WAFD) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 1:58pm ET
Bel Fuse (OQ:BELFA) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment N/A Jul/31 1:54pm ET
Simplicity Bancorp (OQ:SMPL) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 1:54pm ET
AeroGrow International (PK:AERO) Industrials/Heavy Machinery & Vehicles N/A Jul/31 1:36pm ET
American Express Company (N:AXP) Financials/Consumer Lending N/A Jul/31 1:13pm ET
Platinum Underwriters Hol (N:PTP) Financials/Reinsurance N/A Jul/31 1:02pm ET
Kennametal (N:KMT) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment N/A Jul/31 12:55pm ET
IDEXX Laboratories (OQ:IDXX) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Jul/31 12:55pm ET
Thor Industries (N:THO) Consumer Cyclicals/Recreational Products N/A Jul/31 12:38pm ET
RLI (N:RLI) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance N/A Jul/31 12:38pm ET
Howard Bancorp (OQ:HBMD) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 12:28pm ET
Gabelli Multimedia Trust (N:GGT) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Jul/31 11:56am ET
Capstead Mortgage (N:CMO) Financials/Specialized REITs N/A Jul/31 11:44am ET
Synovus Financial (N:SNV) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 11:43am ET
General Electric Company (N:GE) Industrials/Industrial Conglomerates N/A Jul/31 11:34am ET
Prosperity Bancshares (N:PB) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 11:23am ET
Maxim Integrated Products (OQ:MXIM) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Jul/31 11:22am ET
Trex Company (N:TREX) Consumer Cyclicals/Construction Supplies & Fixtures N/A Jul/31 11:20am ET
ArQule (OQ:ARQL) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Jul/31 10:52am ET
McCormick & Company, (N:MKC) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing N/A Jul/31 10:38am ET
Sealed Air (N:SEE) Basic Materials/Non-Paper Containers & Packaging N/A Jul/31 10:31am ET
Lifetime Brands (OQ:LCUT) Consumer Cyclicals/Appliances, Tools & Housewares N/A Jul/31 10:30am ET
Gabelli Global Utility Co (A:GLU) N/A Jul/31 10:23am ET
Frisch's Restaurants (A:FRS) Consumer Cyclicals/Restaurants & Bars N/A Jul/31 10:22am ET
UIL Holdings (N:UIL) Utilities/Electric Utilities N/A Jul/31 10:13am ET
Greif (N:GEF) Basic Materials/Non-Paper Containers & Packaging N/A Jul/31 10:06am ET
Garmin (OQ:GRMN) Technology/Communications & Networking N/A Jul/31 9:40am ET
athenahealth (OQ:ATHN) Technology/Internet Services N/A Jul/31 9:40am ET
CSB Bancorp (Ohio) (OB:CSBB) Financials/Banks N/A Jul/31 9:25am ET
EZCORP (OQ:EZPW) Financials/Consumer Lending N/A Jul/31 8:46am ET