1844 Acquires The Lac Crystal Property in The Gaspé Peninsula With Grab Sample Up to 43.8% Cu

1844 Acquires The Lac Crystal Property in The Gaspé Peninsula With Grab Sample Up to 43.8% Cu

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 1844 RESOURCES INC. (TSX-V:EFF) (the “Company” or “1844”) announces that it has entered into a purchase agreement (the "Agreement") to acquire a 100% undivided interest in 12 claims in the Northern portion of the Gaspé Peninsula from Mr. Daniel Lepage and Mr. Eric Bariault (each a “Vendor”), both residents of the Gaspe Peninsula.        

The project is situated 15km south-south east of the Municipality of Marsoui on the Gaspe Peninsula. The Lac Crystal Project was initially comprised of 12 claims, but 1844 has also acquired an additional 32 claims surrounding the Project.

The Crystal Lake showing, discovered in 1989 was the subject of several prospecting campaigns between 1990 and 1995. These included the completion of trenches, mapping, helicopter and ground geophysical work, soil geochemistry work and the addition of five targeted boreholes. Historical data shows NNO lineaments (N340 °), associated with shear zones accompanied by burrings and fracture filling by the late injection of quartz-carbonate-chalcopyrite, bornite-chalcosine as well as supergene development of malachite and azurite. The host rock to the mineralization consists of argillite and slate, an inter-ity of locally calcareous and dolomitic clay sandstone all cut by intrusives made up of rhyodacitic and monzonitic dykes having random directions between N210°- N270°.

The type of mineralization indicated that the Crystal Lake showing was formed at low temperature, upon cooling of hydrothermal fluids containing copper in solution that migrated, used the N340 shear as a conduit and precipitate.

The compilation of high-resolution aeromagnetic surveys carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec, indicates the presence of magnetic anomaly and the potential presence of a pluton and/or dyke swarms at depth that may be at the origin of copper hydrothermal fluids.

A review and compilation of all this data indicates the potential of a porphyry or skarn/mantos style copper system in the vicinity of Petit Lac Crystal and adjacent to the pluton at depth. The mineralization is located at the heart of the N340 trending shear, refracted within sediments and intrusives, and occurs as masses of copper sulphides filling the fractures. Several grab samples, selected over the years, exhibited copper values, ranging from a simple copper anomaly to values over 43.8% Cu. (Table 1 and Figure 1)

Table 1: Several grab samples with cooper values 
Sample nberTrench nberCu % As ppmNi ppmAg ppmRock TypeSource
90-T2-100-07590-T-243.8na499.7Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53210
90-T2-100-8790-T-22.81na641.5Dyke monzonitiqueGM53210
90-T2-100-101 A90-T-218.6na644Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53210
90-T2-100-11890-T-29.23na222Argilite silteuseGM53210
92-T1-0292-T-13.15592611.1Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-0692-T-13.93271661.4Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-0792-T-14.27501781.5Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-0892-T-10.626730691.5Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T-01-V-0192-T-128.87nana2.1Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T-01-V-0292-T-127.26nana22.8Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T-01-V-0392-T-128.82412699.9Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T-01-V-0492-T-133.84560473113.5Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T-01-V-0592-T-17.12432622.8Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T-01-V-0692-T-17.911902202.3Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T1-1092-T-10.1703840.8Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-1292-T-18.11511592.6Dyke rhyodacitiqueGM53255
92-T1-1392-T-12.42743331.1Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-1592-T-14.531512312.9Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-1992-T-19.4824682Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-2092-T-123.9246629Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-2192-T-114.081031605.6Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-2392-T-13.04431351.2Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-2492-T-10.1936060.6Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
92-T1-2592-T-111.571351783Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
92-T1-2692-T-17.18132543.9Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-T1-2792-T-13.2924121< 0.1Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
92-T1-dm92-T-13.1931360.2Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
92-T6-0292-T-A0.11512060.9Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
92-TA-0292-T-A0.1179na0.7Argilite silteuseGM53255
92-TA-0992-T-A0.3161na0.3Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
92-TA-1092-T-A0.3895na0.4Dyke monzonitiqueGM53255
no sample*90-T-1nanananaArgilite silteuseGM53255
*:With chalcopyrite observed in micro-fractures with the presence of malachite and azurite. (Source: GM53255)

As consideration for the Acquisition, 1844 agreed to issue 975,000 common shares in the name of the Vendor Daniel Lepage as well as a 2% net smelter returns royalty, 1% of which may be retired for a one-time payment of $500,000. The common shares will be distributed to Mr. Daniel Lepage will be distributed over 3 years as follows:

  • 350,000 upon transfer of the properties,
  • 325,000 on the first anniversary, and
  • 300,000 on the second anniversary.

Additionally, 50,000 shares of 1844 Resources will be issued to Vendor Eric Bariault on the transfer of the Property.

About 1844 Resources Inc.: 1844 is an exploration company with a focus in strategic and energetic metals and underexplored regions “Gaspé, Chibougamau Québec”. With a dedicated management team, the Company’s goal is to create shareholder value through the discovery of new deposits.

Bernard-Olivier Martel, P. Geo, the Company's Director of Exploration, is a qualified person (as such term is defined in National Instrument 43-101 - Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects) and has reviewed and approved the technical disclosure contained in this news release.


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