1844 Resources Completes Its First Reconnaissance Program on Native Copper Project, Gaspesie, Quebec

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan--(Newsfile Corp. - December 20, 2022) -  1844 Resources Inc. (TSXV: EFF) (the "Company" or "1844") announces the completion of the 2022 work program (the "Program") conducted on the Native Copper project. The Program, completed between July and September, consisted of targeted prospecting, trenching and spot sampling, along with the rehabilitation of existing roadways. This work was driven by the results of a high-resolution magnetic survey, completed by Prospectair Geosurveys, combined with the compilation of all 2D historical data. (Figure 1) This data, combined for the first time in the projects history, allowed for a very specific and methodical summer exploration program.

The compilation highlighted volcano-sedimentary units of both the Observation and the Lake Mckay zones those two Members identified as metallotects demonstrated the presence of copper mineralization in five sectors known as Vondenbleau, Power, Ruisseau Cantin, Fer-à-Cheval and Triangle d'Argent. The best historical results were obtained on the Triangle d'Argent area, with values of up 4.14% Cu and 7g/t Ag over 1.0 m and 10.3% Cu and 21.3 g/t Ag over 9.0 m, both in trenches. Numerous copper nuggets were also obtained in volcanics at Triangle d'Argent. The description of the mineralization indicates that the model for the formation relates to Native Copper Orebodies of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Some of the mineralized sectors that remained underexplored during previous exploration work include:*

  • The Power Area:
    • showed one site of significant mineralization
    • Power showing 3.6% Cu/2.0 m in trenches
    • the copper minerals are in a limestone coral reef associated with chalcocite and framboidal pyrite.
  • The Vondenblue Area:
    • The Vondenblue showing:
      • 0.5% Cu/3.17 m in hole V-1-76
      • 1.17% Cu/3.3 m in hole V-4-77.
    • Hole V-89-01:
      • intercept of 0.11% Cu/15.45 m.
    • du Dimanche showing:
      • 0.2% Cu and 3.6 g/t Ag/1.4 m in hole V-94-01
      • grab sample of 2.1% Cu and 16.1 g/t Ag
      • the copper minerals are in a limestone coral reef associated with chalcocite and framboidal pyrite.
  • The Ruisseau Cantin Area:
    • The Ruisseau Cantin showing, with 0.32% Cu and 0.8 g/t Ag/40.5 m in trench TR-95-01, including 1.3% Cu and 1.4 g/t Ag/4.0 m.

*As per Technical report NI 43-101 April 2022

The presence of copper mineralization associated with a reducing environment, as is the case with the Power and du Dimanche sectors, leads to the hypothesis that favorable horizons for the development of stratiform copper deposits, in the fine clastic sediments intercalated with biochemical sediments of the Undivided Member which covered the coarse clastic sediments interstratified with the basaltic flows of the Mont de l'Observation Member. The Undivided Member is composed of flat-continuous or lenticular-shaped bands of nodular calcilutites; calcareous conglomerate; reef limestone and some calcareous mudstone/siltstone beds, all with a favorable horizon for copper precipitation in the right deposit mineralization.

Exploration work was carried out on the "Power", "du Dimanche" and "Ruisseau Cantin" showings to validate the historical results, study the lithostratigraphy and increase understanding of the deposit model (Figure 2). The work carried out includes 12.1 kilometers of rehabilitated access, 350 meters of trenches distributed over the 3 zones: a) Power (figure), b) du Dimanche () and c) Ruisseau Cantin, all including excavation and bedrock cleaning (Figure 3).

In association with this work, prospecting identified 312 stations/outcrops which have been described, 140 samples were sent to the laboratory for multi-element analysis (ME-MS61) including quality control samples, namely "blank" and "standard". (Table 1: Technical data of Native Copper project samples)

All samples were analyzed for several elements by four acid digestion using ICP-MS Finish (ME-MS61) at ALS Minerals laboratories in Vancouver, BC and / or Val-d 'Gold in Quebec. Samples with a copper, content exceeding 1% were reanalyzed by the Cu-OG62, aqua regia method optimized for high contents.

About 1844 Resources Inc.: 1844 is an exploration company with a focus in strategic and energetic metals and underexplored region "Gaspé Québec". With a dedicated management team, the Company's goal is to create shareholder value through the discovery of new deposits.


(signed) "Sylvain Laberge"

Sylvain Laberge
President and CEO
Slaberge@1844 resources.com


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