2.6 Million New Zealanders Experiencing a Coffee Faux Pas

Sep 30, 2018 07:00 pm
AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- 

Coffee faux pas are real. 2.6 million New Zealanders have had a poor coffee experience at home with a guest, despite almost one million (784,000) New Zealanders being ‘coffee enthusiasts’, according to the new Sunbeam research released today.

Released in line with International Coffee Day (1 October), the data confirmed we continue to be a coffee-obsessed nation. 841.3 million cups of café style coffee are consumed by New Zealanders – in and outside of the home – each year. Per person, that’s an average of 235 cups in one year. Yet, despite New Zealand taking coffee very seriously, the research revealed that coffee faux pas are all too common, as 73 per cent of New Zealanders admit to poor coffee etiquette when having a coffee at home with a guest. Some of the nation’s coffee crimes include serving instant coffee to a visitor (45 per cent), offering an alternate warm beverage (31 per cent), choosing to drink out instead (17 per cent), and offering to re-heat a guest’s untouched coffee (5 per cent).

The findings also exposed New Zealand as a fussy nation – nearly all (94 per cent) have at least one pet peeve that ruins a coffee experience. Topping the list are temperature (71 per cent), the dreaded burnt coffee (62 per cent) and strength (58 per cent), amongst others including foam inconsistencies (38 per cent), and the unforgettable taste of curdled soy milk (30 per cent). According to the research, New Zealanders are impatient too; two in five (44 per cent) of those surveyed state a long wait makes for a bad coffee experience, with women (47 per cent) and Gen X (46 per cent) being the least patient.

Yet, according to Sunbeam, New Zealanders are not only the victims of a poor coffee experience, but also culprits of coffee shaming. One quarter of the nation (25 per cent) admit to being involved in some form of it, with one in three (36 per cent) being the perpetrators of shaming others. From being embarrassed about a friend’s coffee order (7 per cent), or even being embarrassed of one’s own coffee order (6 per cent), making assumptions about someone based on what coffee they drink (6 per cent) and judging someone based on serving a sub-standard cup of coffee (6 per cent).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the data found that while New Zealanders love coffee and the taste of barista-made coffee – both at home and outside of it – a lack of knowledge or equipment limits the ability to enjoy it in the comfort of one’s own home. 81 per cent of New Zealanders confessed to feeling that they are unable to make a café style coffee at home. Over half (52 per cent) attribute this to not having the right equipment, while a third (28 per cent) simply don’t know how to make one.

Commenting on the research, George Choutis of Roastville and Sunbeam espresso machine advocate said, “New Zealand is a coffee proud nation. However, most live busy and time poor lives. The quick and easy home coffee option sometimes sacrifices a quality cup of coffee. Yet, with new technologies emerging, Kiwis who feel they don’t have the necessary equipment to make barista-style coffee at home are being facilitated. Take the Sunbeam Barista Max. It has all the tools to make top quality coffee, while maintaining the integrity of fresh coffee beans. New Zealanders can now avoid a coffee faux pas, and be their own home coffee maestro at home.”

The study is aligned with the release of Sunbeam’s newest home kitchen solution to help New Zealanders make true café style coffee at home, to help get through the day and have that delicious café moment at home.

The all-new Sunbeam Barista Max is a modern, sleek and thoughtfully-designed espresso machine. Inspired by professional café coffee machines, the Barista Max uses a 58mm group head and handle which ensures the coffee grinds are more evenly spread in the filter basket, therefore producing the freshest-tasting coffee. The Barista Max is also equipped with the latest technology including a Tap & Go™ Integrated Grinder, allowing for an easy, on-demand grinding experience, as well as a powerful steam wand to deliver the perfect textured micro-foam milk, and a programmable shot volume, to manage the right quantity in your cup.

The Barista Max also comes with a Temp˚IQ Shot Control™ – a unique three-way system including Thermoblock technology, advanced PID controller and gentle pre-infusion. These all work together to regulate and stabilise water temperature, delivering an ultra-precise temperature for great tasting coffee every time. Covered by a 12-month replacement warranty, the Barista Max also has easy maintenance features such as an anti-spill gate, grind bin and convenient accessories storage.

The Sunbeam Barista Max is available from leading electrical specialists and department stores for $699.00. for more information, please visit https://www.sunbeam.co.nz/Barista-Max-Espresso-Machine.aspx.

Notes to editors:

Visit https://www.sunbeam.com.au/ for further information about the full range of Sunbeam products.

Sunbeam, makes products for real people, and real, New Zealanders’ needs. Through cutting-edge innovation and intelligent design, Sunbeam aim to make it easier and simpler for you to do those things you do every day: clean, cook, organise, or even entertain. Their commitment to simple, sophisticated and elegant design has remained unchanged. Sunbeam's products don't just look smart. They are smart. Additional information about the Sunbeam® brand is available at http://www.sunbeam.com.au/


  • Sunbeam’s first espresso machine with integrated grinder provides a neat, all-in-one café-style machine to make barista-style coffee at home.
  • Sunbeam want more people to be able to make and enjoy real barista-style coffee at home – using fresh beans makes the best tasting coffee.
  • The Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine is equipped with the latest technology including an Integrated Grinder with a Tap & Go™ grind on demand functionality and Temp˚IQ Shot Control™ for consistent, great tasting coffee every time.

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Research conducted by Lonergan Research on behalf of Newell Brands. Data collected between 17 July 2018 to 23 July 2018. Sample collected n=501.

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