Align Biopharma Introduces New Technology Standard to Enable Single Sign-on for Healthcare Providers

Oct 10, 2017 07:03 am

Align Biopharma™, a life sciences industry technology standards group, today published a final open technology standard for identity management. Members from leading pharmaceutical, technology, and service provider companies reviewed and defined the technical requirements for products to enable a single sign-on service for healthcare professionals (HCPs). The new standard is a major step forward in the industry and will make it faster and easier for HCPs to access online content across all life sciences companies.

“A common identity management standard will improve the experience for healthcare providers,” said Scott Cenci, vice president of global markets IT at Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB). “The industry is making it easier for healthcare professionals to connect with biopharma companies. Ultimately, when we improve their user experience with digital engagement and information access, we can better help patients.”

The process for HCPs to access online content is complex and requires multiple logins across various biopharma company websites, portals, and virtual events. The identity management standard aims to improve how life sciences companies and their customers interact and streamline HCP access to the drug and treatment information required to facilitate patient engagement.

“It’s difficult keeping track of all the username and password combinations required to access information from biopharma companies,” said David S. Wernsing, M.D., FACS, bariatric surgeon at Penn Medicine. “Having a fast and convenient way to log into various digital sites and applications will dramatically simplify how I connect with the life sciences industry and deliver care to patients.”

The Align Biopharma identity management standard is now ready for technology providers to create solutions that are certified with the standard. As certified products become available in the market, biopharma companies can adopt these solutions to address HCPs’ challenges with identity management across various digital channels.

“Align Biopharma represents the industry coming together to put the customer first and transform the HCP experience,” said Henry Levy, president of Align Biopharma. “With our first standard now available, our goal is to deepen collaboration to build technology solutions and encourage their broad adoption in life sciences so we can better connect companies and HCPs.”

Align Biopharma has become a fast-growing influence in the industry to create and implement open technology standards. The group includes a total of 23 members from leading pharmaceutical, technology, and service provider companies dedicated to making it easier for healthcare professionals to connect digitally with life sciences companies.

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