Faber-Castell and EnChroma make Father's Day colourful

May 25, 2022 02:00 am
STEIN, Germany & BERKELEY, Calif. -- 

EnChroma, creators of glasses for the colourblind, is partnering with Faber-Castell to launch a video campaign that recognises and celebrates all colourblind fathers on Father's Day.

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Faber-Castell Colour Grip Pencils as Seen by those with Colour Blindness. Color Blind View by EnChroma. (Photo: Business Wire)

Faber-Castell Colour Grip Pencils as Seen by those with Colour Blindness. Color Blind View by EnChroma. (Photo: Business Wire)

An estimated 350 million people worldwide are affected by colour blindness. One in 200 women and one in 12 men (8%) suffer from colour vision deficiency; statistically, more than three million men in Germany are affected.

People with normal colour vision can perceive more than 1 million shades and nuances of colour, whereas colour-blind people can only see a fraction of them (about 10%). Common colour confusions are green and yellow, grey and pink, purple and blue, and red and brown. To them, colours appear dull and washed out. Some colours are also difficult for colour-blind people to distinguish from each other.

The special optical filters in EnChroma glasses help colourblind people perceive a wider range of colours and see colours more vividly, clearly and distinctly.

To draw attention to the prevalence and impact of colour blindness, Faber-Castell and EnChroma have created a joint video on the occasion of Father's Day that impressively illustrates the effect of the glasses: colour-blind fathers can, with the help of EnChroma glasses, for the first time in their lives see colourful pictures that their children have drawn for them with Faber-Castell pencils in rich, bright colours. Click here to go to the video (https://www.faber-castell.com/colour-blindness). From 26.05, the video will also be played out on the Faber-Castell and EnChroma social media channels.

"The experience of colour is central to both EnChroma and Faber-Castell," says Erik Ritchie, CEO of EnChroma. "We are therefore delighted to be involved in this collaborative project, which will enable colour-blind fathers to experience their children's creativity in all its glory for the first time."

The motto 'Give Joy for Father's Day' is also the motto of the EnChroma online shop from 26 May to 20 June 2022: on eu.enchroma.com, all customers will receive a 15% discount on the purchase of an EnChroma pair of glasses during the promotional period with the special code FABER15, as well as a free 24 Colour Grip crayon set in a metal case from Faber-Castell (while stocks last).

EnChroma Technology

The patented technology in EnChroma lenses uses specially engineered optical filters to expand the range of colors perceived by those with Color Vision Deficiencies (CVD). A joint study by the University of California, Davis, and INSERM, the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, confirmed the effectiveness of EnChroma eyewear. Another study, published in January 2022 in the scientific publication Eye-Nature, also highlights the effectiveness of the glasses for people with color vision loss.

About Faber-Castell

Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the oldest and world-leading companies for high-quality products for writing, drawing and creative design. With a production of around two billion wood-cased pencils per year, Faber-Castell is the world's largest manufacturer of colored pencils and pencils. Find out more at www.faber-castell.de.

About EnChroma

EnChroma, based in Berkeley, California, received a grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop its patented lens technology. The glasses are based on 10 years of research and development and clinical trials at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. In 2020, EnChroma was awarded the San Francisco Bay Area's prestigious East Bay Innovation Award in the Life Sciences category. Learn more at www.EnChroma.com.

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