Finance and Data Analysts Can Become Key Enablers for a Sustainable Future – Here’s How

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2023 / SAP

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By Gunther Rothermel Senior Vice-President, Co-General Manager and Chief Product Officer, Sustainability, SAP and Sophia Mendelsohn Chief Sustainability and Commercial Officer and Co-General Manager, SAP America

With cutting-edge solutions and a new mindset, finance and sustainability experts, as well as data analysts, can make carbon accounting a reality and advance profitable and low-carbon sustainable business transformation.

Conventional carbon tracking tools often fall short, however. Relying on spreadsheets and semi-automated methods that yield generic averages will not suffice. These outdated tools consume valuable employee time and result in inaccuracies, leading to overestimation and consequently excessive expenditures over time.

That's why businesses need sophisticated carbon accounting systems that mirror the rigour of financial accounting.

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