HEICO’s 3D-Plus Subsidiary Supplies Mission-Critical Parts for NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

Aug 13, 2018 12:47 pm
BUC, France & MIAMI -- 

HEICO Corporation (NYSE: HEI.A) (NYSE: HEI) reported today that its 3D-Plus subsidiary supplied mission-critical equipment for NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which launched yesterday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

HEICO’s Buc, France-based 3D-Plus provided multiple data memory modules, as well as an amplifier for the Magnetometer, which will be used by the French National Center for Scientific Research to measure magnetic field changes. Historically, 3D-Plus’ parts have been relied on for many high-profile space missions, such as: Juno, New Horizons, Dawn and Orion.

The Parker Solar Probe is tasked with traveling closer to the Sun’s corona than any other human space mission has before. The spacecraft is expected to reach the Sun over the next 7 years and will get within 3.83 million miles of the solar surface. At its closest approach, the Parker Solar Probe will travel at a top speed of approximately 430,000 miles per hour, making it the fastest human-made object ever. Additionally, the spacecraft will have to withstand about 500 times the solar radiation experienced on earth and will be heated to approximately 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Only recently has technology been developed to withstand such a strenuous mission; according to Dr. Adam Szabo, NASA’s mission scientist for the Parker Solar Probe, “NASA was planning to send a mission to the solar corona for decades, however, we did not have the technology that could protect a spacecraft and its instruments from the heat.”

Major goals of the mission include: understanding coronal-heating patterns, particle-acceleration dynamics, magnetic field changes, space weather movements and star’s general behaviors and characteristics.

Laurans A. Mendelson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HEICO Corporation, along with Victor H. Mendelson, HEICO’s Co-President and Chief Executive Officer of the Electronics Technologies Group, jointly commented, “HEICO congratulates the entire NASA team and could not be more proud that 3D-Plus helped make their mission possible. The Parker Solar Probe is truly pushing mankind’s boundaries and frontiers into uncharted territories. We thank the entire 3D-Plus team for their continued hard work and commitment to unparalleled excellence.”

Pierre Maurice, 3D-Plus’ President and Co-Founder, stated, “Our team at 3D-Plus is honored to work with NASA and its suppliers to support such a daring and meaningful mission. We look forward working with these partners on ambitious, future endeavors. I also thank the world-class team at 3D-Plus for their fantastic efforts.”

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