Introducing INK Ultra Money with Real Vision videos

We have exciting news at INK Research. We have launched INK Ultra Money, a video on-demand service that we hope will help shake up the Canadian investing landscape.

At INK we do things differently. As a subscription-based platform, we focus on providing analysis and opinions that are objective and untainted by conflicts of interest with advertisers and sponsors. That allows us to focus on delivering insights that are aligned with your interests.

Putting you first is exactly what we are trying to do with Ultra Money.

We are starting Ultra Money with videos from two subscription-driven video producers. Our lead content is from Real Vision, a video on-demand platform for finance where the world's smartest investors share their best ideas.

Their goal is to disrupt the system and change the face of financial media. You can check out their trailer here:

Real Vision is on a mission to give investors everywhere unparalleled insights and analysis from the most famous and respected names in finance.

We believe they are succeeding in adding tremendous value for their viewers by providing access to those key industry insiders. That is why we're launching the Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra subscription level. Non-Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra will get access to a selection of free Real Vision content, but certain premium content will require a Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra subscription.

Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra is available as a $9.99 (+tax) per month subscription. That is significantly cheaper than what it would cost to subscribe to Ultra Money directly (C$199 per year) or to Real Vision directly. In fact, we are not making any money on this upgarde price which is only available to Insider Tracking Advantage members.

We have been an avid fans of Real Vision for many years so when we learned we had the opportunity to bring their content onto the INK platform we jumped on it. We now get their videos early every morning uploaded to the Ultra Money website. The only downside so far to this experience for us has been less sleep as we literally cannot stop watching their premium content when it comes in.

So far even in the short while we have had their content, it has demonstrated its value. In late August Ed Harrison's interviewed Charlie McElligott from Nomura Holdings. In this remarkable subscriber-only video called the Late Cycle Contrarian, Charlie laid out his expected path for the US market in September based on his first-hand knowledge of investor behaviour.

In August, Charlie McElligot correctly called the S&P 500 for September 2019

His call for a rally the first half of the month and trouble in the second half was spot on. Acting on Charlie's insight in that episode could easily have paid for the cost of Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra.

While we can't guarantee that all Ultra Money videos will be as prescient as the Late Cycle Contrarian, we can promise you that you can expect Real Vision will help you:

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our coverage of all asset classes and financial topics.
  • Get a fully explained, complete, and actionable trade idea from a Wall Street professional every single weekday.
  • Have the unbiased and trustworthy information you need to make better investment decisions.
  • Have access to the greatest investors in the world: people such as Kyle Bass, Jeff Gundlach, Jim Chanos, and Jim Rogers who recently gave us his take on Hong Kong, China and key contrarian investing opportunities.

Jim Rogers explains his bearish take on Hong Kong and bullish take on the US dollar

Our supporting content is from INK Research which focuses primarily on Canadian stock ideas. INK videos are produced daily and are designed to provide you with a brief summary of our daily morning report stock idea based on our quantitative screens of value, insider commitment, and price momentum. These reports are driven by our data and are uncompromised by sponsorships or advertising considerations. If you have not seen an example already, check out our YouTube channel where we have some posted for free.

INK Ultra Money is still in the earlier stages, and we are making improvements as we go.

Only Ultra subscribers will have access to premium content. If you are just signing up for the Insider Tracking, pick the Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra subscription level for full INK Ultra Money access. If you are an existing Advantage member you can upgrade right now and upgrade to Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra via your account settings on Insider Tracking here:

Please note, that you may need to sign in to get full access to premium content which is served up by the INK Ultra Money site. If so, use your Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra login email and password (pick as your access website). If you forget your Insider Tracking password, please use the Insider Tracking forgot password feature here:

The entire cost of an Insider Tracking Advantage Ultra subscription is only $9.99 per month plus tax and includes all the benefits of a regular Advantage subscription.

It's a great package that includes Real Vision videos at a rate you will not find anywhere else.

We hope you will enjoy the Ultra Money service and we look forward to your feedback. If video is up your alley but you are not ready to take the $99.99 Ultra add-on subscription plunge, please take advantage of the free Ultra Money content already available on Insider Tracking right here:

Thank you for using Insider Tracking as a source for investing insights.


Ted Dixon
INK Research