Next Super Stocks on the Move: Tetra Bio-Pharma, Red Light Holland, FansUnite, and Skylight Health

Next Super Stocks on the Move: Tetra Bio-Pharma, Red Light Holland, FansUnite, and Skylight Health

Trending Sectors in Focus: Sports Betting, I-Gaming, Psychedelics, Healthcare, and Biopharma Innovation

NEW YORK, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, is highlighting the latest CEO comments and news from companies recently presenting at its highly acclaimed NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream investor conferences, and investor “LiveChats” on social media streams. Over 170,000 investors have participated in Wall Street Reporter’s livestream events in the past 30 days.

Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP) CEO Todd Shapiro: ”Psychedelics is Next Billion Dollar Market Opportunity”

In a recent presentation on Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP), CEO Todd Shapiro updated investors on the TRUFF’s latest market expansion and success in the psychedelics sector, and major new growth opportunities in coming months. TRUFF produces and sells recreational grade psychedelic Magic Truffles to the current legal adult use market in the Netherlands, and is planning global expansion as legislation is rapidly changing globally.

TRUFF: “The Tesla of Psychedelics”

Todd was joined by cannabis industry pioneer and TRUFF advisory board chairman, Bruce Linton who shared his perspective on TRUFF’s growth opportunities. Also joining the livestream was TRUFF CTO Sarah Hashkes who shared the company’s unique technology-driven marketing and branding strategy for psychedelics, which has been likened by some investors as the “Tesla of Psychedelics”

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June 10 - TRUFF closes acquisition of 80% stake in Happy Caps Mushroom Farm based in in Nova Scotia, Canada. Happy Caps is a unique gourmet mushroom farm, cleverly positioned in the mushroom plug spawn business, selling fresh mushrooms for the wholesale market and specializing in 'grow your own mushroom kits' with sales in Canada and the United States. The transaction is immediately revenue accretive, and the Company will aggressively pursue additional revenue growth opportunities, including potentially introducing Happy Caps' products to Europe via SR Wholesale, RLH Netherlands B.V.'s wholly-owned wholesale company which has established a distribution network of over 400 companies that sell products across Europe.

June 8 - TRUFF closes acquisition of Radix Motion Inc., a technology and innovation company focused on empowering the psychedelic ecosystem with embodied technology, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive holograms. "Psychedelics increase the plasticity in our brain and I believe the future of psychedelics will be using technology like ours to create support structures and customizable settings that will allow for tight feedback loops to help people achieve personal growth," said Sarah Hashkes, the CEO of Radix Motion and CTIO of Red Light Holland. "The broader vision we have for Radix Motion is utilizing my neuroscience research in movement data and psychedelics with Co-Founder Matthew Hoe's expertise in immersive technology and AR/VR to create healthy bridges between our body and technology. With Red Light Holland's support, we can further our vision and build technology that increases the bandwidth of human connection by linking us to our body and to each other in alignment with the magic of psychedelics."

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Tetra Bio-Pharma (OTC: TBPMF) (TSX: TBP) CEO, Dr. Guy Chamberland: “Expecting to Launch 3 New Cannabinoid-Derived Drugs in 2022 - Addressing $200 Billion Market Opportunities”

In a recent presentation at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, Tetra Bio-Pharma (OTC: TBPMF) CEO, Dr. Guy Chamberland shared TBPMF’s advanced pipeline of cannabinoid derived drugs targeting $200 billion addressable market opportunities including pain, inflammation, oncology, and sepsis.

TBPMF boasts one of the most advanced pipelines of Cannabinoid-derived medicines, supported by the urgent need for non-opioid alternatives to treat pain and inflammation. Significantly, TBPMF’s portfolio of IP and patents is spearheaded by a team experienced at bringing new drugs to market.

TBPMF now has 3 drugs in the advanced clinical stages, which it expects to bring to market in 2022: Quixleef targeting pain management, a $58 billion market opportunity, ARDS-003 immunomodulator which is a $132 billion market opportunity, and PPP-003 for ophthalmic inflammation indication - a $31 billion market.

Compelling for investors, TBMPF has multiple near-term catalysts in place, and with a current valuation of about $50 million, TBPMF is trading at a just a small fraction of it’s peer group in the biotech space, with similar pipelines.

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June 2 - TBPMF announces Health Canada has accepted its New Drug Submission (NDS) for REDUVO™ and has formally entered the final review phase in the drug review process. If successful, REDUVO™ will be issued a Notice of Compliance (NOC) as well as a Drug Identification Number (DIN) which permits Tetra to market the drug in Canada and indicates the drug's official approval in Canada. REDUVO™ is a soft gel capsule used to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). It is also used to treat weight loss and severe nausea in people living with HIV infection. The active pharmaceutical ingredient in REDUVO™ is dronabinol, also known as THC, a synthetic form of the active natural substance in cannabis.

May 11 - TBPMF announces acceleration of a revolutionary Phase 2 clinical trial, PLENITUDE©, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the investigational cannabis medicine, QIXLEEF™, for use in managing uncontrolled pain in patients with advanced cancer.

May 6 - TBPMF announces start of REBORN1© clinical trial. This trial is designed to evaluate the effect of the Company's inhaled proprietary drug formulation, QIXLEEF™, against immediate release oral morphine sulfate on onset of pain relief in people living with cancer. QIXLEEF™ is a botanical drug product with a "fixed ratio" of THC and CBD and is inhaled through a Class 2 medical device vaporizer. REBORN1© is being conducted in the United States in collaboration with the Hassman Research Institute, a clinical research organization, who will enroll twenty adults living with breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP) and currently taking stable opioid treatment for breakthrough pain. This innovative Phase 2 pilot, proof-of-concept open-label crossover comparison study will assess whether inhaled QIXLEEF™ will control BTcP faster than immediate-release morphine sulfate tablets.

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FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) (CSE: FANS) “Positioned for Exponential Revenue Growth in iGaming, E-Sports, Online Sports Betting”

In their latest presentation at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, FansUnite (OTC: FUNFF) (CSE: FANS) CEO Scott Burton, and President Darius Eghdami explained how FUNFF’s latest distribution deal with an online casino games aggregator, sets the stage for exponential revenue growth opportunities. In the next 12 months, FUNFF plans to expand its current line from three games to twelve - while adding multiple aggregators for each game - reaching millions of new online casino customers worldwide. With each game generating as much as $500,000 in revenue per month for FUNFF - per online casino - and the potential to be in hundreds of online casinos - these numbers can quickly add up.

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May 12 - FUNFF has entered a brand partnership with Cash Live Inc. to launch FansUnite branded live games on the Cash Live mobile app. FansUnite has a minority interest in Cash Live, a tech start-up that offers a new popular poker and social casino game show platform. Cash Live is a free-to-play gaming app that is designed for mobile devices and features daily live-streamed poker game shows paying out real cash to its winners.The first branded FansUnite game will be available on Wednesday, May 12th at 6:00 pm PT and will play down to a winner in under 20 minutes. The Cash Live mobile app can be downloaded in the App Store:

April 14 - FUNNF reports record $28.3M in betting volume and a 136% increase in revenue for its McBookie subsidiary in Q1 2021, compared to same period last year.

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Skylight Health Group (NASDAQ: SLHG) (TSX.V: SHG) CEO, Prad Sekar: “Now At Inflection Point - Positioned for 10X Upside Revenue Growth Potential”

Skylight Health Group (NASDAQ: SLHG) (TSX.V: SHG) was recently a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream investor conference. CEO Prad Sekar, outlined his vision for building Skylight into a multi-billion dollar business focused on the highly fragmented US healthcare market. Skylight already operates 30 clinics, in 14 states, with virtual telehealth overlay, serving over 120,000 patients - and is one of the fastest growing multi-disciplinary health systems in the United States.

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Skyllight is now at an inflection point. SLHG revenues are expected to be $56 million and $5.5 million EBITDA run rates, with a recently announced acquisition. SLHG boasts a profitable base of operations, no long-term debt and cash balance of $10 million. In his presentation, Skylight CEO Prad Sekar, explains how the company can increase revenues organically by about 10X, as it optimizes clinics for profitability by expansion of services to the existing patient base, with it’s proven business model, stating: "$200 Million Revenues Run Rate in 2021 Is Goal".

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June 7 - SLHG up-lists to NASDAQ from OTC BB to improve market access and liquidity access for retail and institutional investors globally.


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