Onfolio Advances AI-Offerings with Launch of Get Quick, its New Tool to Help Enhance Search Engine Optimization for Developers

Onfolio Advances AI-Offerings with Launch of Get Quick, its New Tool to Help Enhance Search Engine Optimization for Developers

WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Onfolio Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: ONFO, ONFOW) (the “Company” or “Onfolio”), a holding company that acquires and manages a diversified portfolio of online businesses, announces the launch of Get Quick, its new AI-driven tool to help website owners better understand and respond to Google Lighthouse page speed and search engine optimization (SEO) data.

Get Quick will allow users to enter their URL at no cost and will explain the current Google Lighthouse results and suggest potential fixes to improve the website’s performance and SEO. It will also offer the opportunity to ask specific questions and receive recommendations, all in plain language. The Company intends to utilize this service through its SEO subsidiaries, SEOButler and Contentellect, to expand the services of both companies. It will also develop Get Quick into a full-suite SEO audit tool with additional functionality and monetization capability over time.

“We continue to advance our AI capabilities to maximize the efficiency of our current portfolio companies. Free online tools, such as Get Quick, are part of our offering, which is useful to both prospect for new leads and, following further development, create additional revenue through more enhanced offerings on a paid tier of the tool,” commented Dominic Wells, Onfolio’s CEO and Founder.

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Onfolio acquires, manages, and optimizes a diversified portfolio of digital companies. It buys businesses that are in sectors with long-term growth opportunities, have positive and stable cash flows, face minimal threats from competitors or emerging technology, and have strong management teams or can effectively be managed by the Onfolio team. The Company finds acquisition targets where the business potential is not yet maximized and adds increased value by leveraging its experience, skillset, and the latest tools and technologies. For more information, visit www.onfolio.com.

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