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The following is a list of issuers with new insider transaction filings. Data from SEC Forms 4 and 5 are updated intra-day and Canadian SEDI data is for the previous business day plus weekends and holidays. US stocks which have new filing information published during the past 20 minutes are indicated by a bold time stamp. Net $ Value Bias represents the estimated cumulative open market or private dollar amounts of equity type security transactions filed throughout the day for a stock (not adjusted for filing errors).

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Includes US Issuers with filings from 6:00am ET May 24th, 2018 to 11:02am ET May 24th, 2018
Company (Exchange:Ticker) Sector/Industry $ Value Bias Filing Date Quote
International Flavors & F (N:IFF) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing 12,481,100 May/24 6:08am ET
Opko Health (OQ:OPK) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 149,300 May/24 6:46am ET
Carolina Financial (OQ:CARO) Financials/Banks 127,920 May/24 10:47am ET
Hudson Technologies (OQ:HDSN) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Services 42,263 May/24 8:51am ET
Bay Banks of Virginia (PK:BAYK) Financials/Banks 26,103 May/24 9:12am ET
Five Oaks Investment (N:OAKS) Financials/Specialized REITs 2,339 May/24 8:17am ET
Chemed (N:CHE) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -65,426 May/24 8:43am ET
Chesapeake Utilities (N:CPK) Utilities/Natural Gas Utilities -101,219 May/24 10:28am ET
FIRST FINANCIAL NORTHWEST (OQ:FFNW) Financials/Banks -114,526 May/24 9:49am ET
Rudolph Technologies (N:RTEC) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -135,690 May/24 9:31am ET
Arrow Financial (OQ:AROW) Financials/Banks -150,793 May/24 9:14am ET
MSA Safety (N:MSA) Industrials/Business Support Supplies -157,430 May/24 9:29am ET
Westar Energy (N:WR) Utilities/Electric Utilities -207,745 May/24 10:55am ET
KEMET (N:KEM) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -463,174 May/24 10:30am ET
Fresh Del Monte Produce (N:FDP) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Fishing & Farming -913,200 May/24 10:32am ET
Lilis Energy (A:LLEX) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production -1,575,000 May/24 10:36am ET
Unity Bancorp (OQ:UNTY) Financials/Banks N/A May/24 10:50am ET
Bar Harbor Bankshares (A:BHB) Financials/Banks N/A May/24 10:39am ET
Cna Financial (N:CNA) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance N/A May/24 10:13am ET
Service International (N:SCI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Services N/A May/24 10:01am ET
T. Rowe Price Group (OQ:TROW) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators N/A May/24 9:57am ET
United States Antimony (A:UAMY) Basic Materials/Specialty Mining & Metals N/A May/24 9:48am ET
GTT Communications (N:GTT) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A May/24 9:38am ET
Principal Financial Group (OQ:PFG) Financials/Life & Health Insurance N/A May/24 9:33am ET
Hancock Holding Company (OQ:HBHC) Financials/Banks N/A May/24 9:18am ET
Trade Desk (OQ:TTD) Technology/Internet Services N/A May/24 6:13am ET