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The following is a list of issuers with new insider transaction filings. Data from SEC Forms 4 and 5 are updated intra-day and Canadian SEDI data is for the previous business day plus weekends and holidays. US stocks which have new filing information published during the past 20 minutes are indicated by a bold time stamp. Net $ Value Bias represents the estimated cumulative open market or private dollar amounts of equity type security transactions filed throughout the day for a stock (not adjusted for filing errors).
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Includes US Issuers with filings from 6:00am ET September 25th, 2020 to 12:33am ET September 26th, 2020
Company (Exchange:Ticker) Sector/Industry $ Value Bias Filing Date Quote
Protara Therapeutics (OQ:TARA) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 5,061,000 Sep/25 5:15pm ET
Kodiak Sciences (OQ:KOD) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 2,726,182 Sep/25 6:02pm ET
Laird Superfood (A:LSF) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing 2,000,020 Sep/25 3:41pm ET
Golub Capital BDC (OQ:GBDC) Financials/Closed End Funds 772,491 Sep/25 4:24pm ET
TRACON Pharmaceuticals (OQ:TCON) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 395,694 Sep/25 9:30pm ET
Pluristem Therapeutics (OQ:PSTI) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 313,896 Sep/25 4:10pm ET
Hartford Financial Servic (N:HIG) Financials/Multiline Insurance & Brokers 250,961 Sep/25 5:12pm ET
Corporate Office Properti (N:OFC) Financials/Commercial REITs 221,601 Sep/25 11:16am ET
Tejon Ranch Company (N:TRC) Financials/Real Estate Development & Operations 198,867 Sep/25 3:48pm ET
VOXX International (OQ:VOXX) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers 152,000 Sep/25 7:00am ET
FlexShopper (OQ:FPAY) Technology/Internet Services 143,861 Sep/25 4:09pm ET
Safety Insurance Group (OQ:SAFT) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance 135,860 Sep/25 4:46pm ET
Rezolute (PK:RZLT) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 112,538 Sep/25 11:14am ET
Frequency Electronics (OQ:FEIM) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment 103,646 Sep/25 4:22pm ET
Eagle Bulk Shipping (OQ:EGLE) Industrials/Marine Freight & Logistics 64,750 Sep/25 4:08pm ET
GigaMedia (OQ:GIGM) Technology/Internet Services 62,293 Sep/25 6:03am ET
At Home Group (N:HOME) Consumer Cyclicals/Home Furnishings Retailers 49,748 Sep/25 3:41pm ET
First Financial (OQ:THFF) Financials/Banks 30,256 Sep/25 8:48am ET
Kingstone Companies (OQ:KINS) Financials/Multiline Insurance & Brokers 29,550 Sep/25 4:13pm ET
First National (OQ:FXNC) Financials/Banks 28,848 Sep/25 2:12pm ET
Lakeland Bancorp (OQ:LBAI) Financials/Banks 24,625 Sep/25 11:46am ET
Thor Industries (N:THO) Consumer Cyclicals/Recreational Products 21,512 Sep/25 4:09pm ET
Arca Biopharma (OQ:ABIO) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 21,400 Sep/25 4:20pm ET
Core Molding Technologies (A:CMT) Basic Materials/Non-Paper Containers & Packaging 18,052 Sep/25 9:00am ET
Beyond Air (OQ:XAIR) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution 14,640 Sep/25 5:00pm ET
Farmers & Merchants Banco (OQ:FMAO) Financials/Banks 14,493 Sep/25 3:53pm ET
180 Degree Capital (OQ:TURN) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators 14,460 Sep/25 8:59am ET
Reshape Lifesciences (PK:RSLS) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology 8,140 Sep/25 4:57pm ET
Texas Pacific Land Trust (N:TPL) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production 6,398 Sep/25 11:32am ET
One Liberty Properties (N:OLP) Financials/Commercial REITs 3,200 Sep/25 10:21am ET
Livexlive Media (OQ:LIVX) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production 2,833 Sep/25 1:29pm ET
Entercom Communications (N:ETM) Consumer Cyclicals/Broadcasting 2,809 Sep/25 5:11pm ET
Coffee Holding Co. (OQ:JVA) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing 2,588 Sep/25 5:45pm ET
Adams Resources & Energy (A:AE) Energy/Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing 2,038 Sep/25 4:05pm ET
Retractable Technologies (A:RVP) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution 1,842 Sep/25 11:11am ET
Renn Fund (A:RCG) Financials/Closed End Funds 874 Sep/25 11:46am ET
Sanchez Midstream Partner (A:SNMP) Energy/Oil & Gas Transportation Services 0 Sep/25 5:11pm ET
Procyon (PK:PCYN) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -1,000 Sep/25 11:23am ET
Altair International (PK:ATAO) Consumer Cyclicals/Homebuilding -3,403 Sep/25 4:43pm ET
Meta Financial Group (OQ:CASH) Financials/Banks -10,843 Sep/25 5:18pm ET
Albireo Pharma (OQ:ALBO) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -14,973 Sep/25 5:05pm ET
Revolution Medicines (OQ:RVMD) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -17,010 Sep/25 4:29pm ET
A10 Networks (N:ATEN) Technology/Software -19,965 Sep/25 4:14pm ET
PTC (OQ:PTC) Technology/Software -20,315 Sep/25 4:05pm ET
Potbelly (OQ:PBPB) Consumer Cyclicals/Restaurants & Bars -27,483 Sep/25 11:33am ET
Standard Motor Products (N:SMP) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts -31,897 Sep/25 12:22pm ET
MiX Telematics - ADR (N:MIXT) Technology/Software -44,200 Sep/25 6:17pm ET
Roku (OQ:ROKU) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production -56,172 Sep/25 5:24pm ET
Ovintiv (N:OVV) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production -68,696 Sep/25 5:13pm ET
Plantation (PK:PTNL) Basic Materials/Non-Paper Containers & Packaging -72,000 Sep/25 4:26pm ET
e.l.f. Beauty (N:ELF) Consumer Cyclicals/Other Specialty Retailers -79,386 Sep/25 4:29pm ET
Nexstar Media Group (OQ:NXST) Consumer Cyclicals/Broadcasting -87,318 Sep/25 12:25pm ET
Frequency Therapeutics (OQ:FREQ) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -95,097 Sep/25 4:50pm ET
Nektar Therapeutics (OQ:NKTR) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -97,625 Sep/25 8:16pm ET
Altair Engineering (OQ:ALTR) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -119,739 Sep/25 11:35am ET
Fortress Biotech (OQ:FBIO) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -124,611 Sep/25 6:37pm ET
BioLife Solutions (OQ:BLFS) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -134,200 Sep/25 8:30pm ET
Vicor (OQ:VICR) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -149,004 Sep/25 4:34pm ET
Itron (OQ:ITRI) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -150,481 Sep/25 9:23pm ET
World Acceptance (OQ:WRLD) Financials/Consumer Lending -184,080 Sep/25 11:48am ET
Smith & Wesson Brands (OQ:SWBI) Consumer Cyclicals/Recreational Products -202,328 Sep/25 6:42pm ET
TechTarget (OQ:TTGT) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -206,349 Sep/25 4:09pm ET
Ageagle Aerial Systems (A:UAVS) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense -225,250 Sep/25 9:20pm ET
Network-1 Technologies (A:NTIP) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production -229,004 Sep/25 4:34pm ET
Coupa Software (OQ:COUP) Technology/Software -267,238 Sep/25 4:30pm ET
Akoustis Technologies (OQ:AKTS) Technology/Semiconductors -276,406 Sep/25 5:10pm ET
Progressive (N:PGR) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance -310,896 Sep/25 2:44pm ET
LeMaitre Vascular (OQ:LMAT) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -312,851 Sep/25 9:58pm ET
Kadant (N:KAI) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment -364,525 Sep/25 4:19pm ET
Abbott Laboratories (N:ABT) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -374,031 Sep/25 5:06pm ET
Limbach Holdings (OQ:LMB) Industrials/Construction & Engineering -429,993 Sep/25 4:43pm ET
Grocery Outlet Holding (OQ:GO) Consumer Cyclicals/Discount Stores -435,968 Sep/25 4:20pm ET
Toll Brothers (N:TOL) Consumer Cyclicals/Homebuilding -480,326 Sep/25 4:50pm ET
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdi (OQ:AAWW) Industrials/Air Freight & Logistics -566,496 Sep/25 4:58pm ET
Blueprint Medicines (OQ:BPMC) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -706,438 Sep/25 4:27pm ET
Medtronic PLC (N:MDT) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution -999,995 Sep/25 5:42pm ET
Trane Technologies PLC (N:TT) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment -1,019,520 Sep/25 4:06pm ET
Axon Enterprise (OQ:AAXN) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense -1,096,350 Sep/25 4:30pm ET
Floor & Decor Holdings (N:FND) Consumer Cyclicals/Home Improvement Products & Services Retailers -1,192,000 Sep/25 7:59pm ET
Nu Skin Enterprises (N:NUS) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Products -1,446,559 Sep/25 6:57pm ET
Etsy (OQ:ETSY) Consumer Cyclicals/Department Stores -1,521,000 Sep/25 4:50pm ET
Fidelity National Financi (N:FNF) Financials/Property & Casualty Insurance -1,585,926 Sep/25 11:17am ET
Cognizant Technology Solu (OQ:CTSH) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -1,708,200 Sep/25 4:19pm ET
Ares Management (N:ARES) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators -2,149,395 Sep/25 8:10pm ET
Emergent Biosolutions (N:EBS) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -2,546,625 Sep/25 7:00pm ET
Moderna (OQ:MRNA) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -2,601,221 Sep/25 4:19pm ET
Intercontinental Exchange (N:ICE) Financials/Financial & Commodity Market Operators -3,739,106 Sep/25 5:09pm ET
Purple Innovation (OQ:PRPL) Consumer Cyclicals/Home Furnishings Retailers -4,153,266 Sep/25 4:24pm ET
Sunnova Energy Internatio (N:NOVA) Energy/Renewable Energy Equipment & Services -5,203,007 Sep/25 6:13pm ET
Lennar (N:LEN) Consumer Cyclicals/Homebuilding -10,685,501 Sep/25 4:21pm ET
Broadridge Financial Solu (N:BR) Industrials/Professional Information Services -11,656,959 Sep/25 2:25pm ET
Nike (N:NKE) Consumer Cyclicals/Footwear -15,284,651 Sep/25 6:29pm ET
Bentley Systems (OQ:BSY) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -22,000,000 Sep/25 12:43pm ET
Zoom Video Communications (OQ:ZM) Technology/Software -69,268,433 Sep/25 7:14pm ET
Amesite Inc. - Common Sto (OQ:AMST) N/A Sep/25 9:54pm ET
G-III Apparel Group, (OQ:GIII) Consumer Cyclicals/Apparel & Accessories N/A Sep/25 9:50pm ET
Barfresh Food Group (PK:BRFH) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Non-Alcoholic Beverages N/A Sep/25 9:46pm ET
Dolby Laboratories (N:DLB) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production N/A Sep/25 9:45pm ET
Synaptics, (OQ:SYNA) Technology/Computer Hardware N/A Sep/25 8:24pm ET
CounterPath, (O:CPAH) Technology/Software N/A Sep/25 8:03pm ET
Graybug Vision (OQ:GRAY) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Sep/25 7:59pm ET
J M Smucker Co (N:SJM) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing N/A Sep/25 7:23pm ET
Berkshire Hathaway (N:BRK) Financials/Multiline Insurance & Brokers N/A Sep/25 7:00pm ET
Methode Electronics (N:MEI) Technology/Electronic Equipment & Parts N/A Sep/25 7:00pm ET
Hanmi Financial (OQ:HAFC) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 6:51pm ET
Medallia, Inc. Common Sto (N:MDLA) N/A Sep/25 6:37pm ET
CRYO-CELL International (PK:CCEL) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services N/A Sep/25 6:27pm ET
Tilray, Inc. - Class 2 Co (OQ:TLRY) N/A Sep/25 6:17pm ET
QUALCOMM (OQ:QCOM) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Sep/25 6:16pm ET
TrueCar, Inc. - Common St (OQ:TRUE) N/A Sep/25 6:04pm ET
Repay Holdings (OQ:RPAY) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Sep/25 6:00pm ET
AAR (N:AIR) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense N/A Sep/25 5:59pm ET
Predictive Oncology (OQ:POAI) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Sep/25 5:46pm ET
Walmart (N:WMT) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Retail & Distribution N/A Sep/25 5:44pm ET
PCSB Financial (OQ:PCSB) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 5:39pm ET
Pure Cycle (OQ:PCYO) Utilities/Water Utilities N/A Sep/25 5:36pm ET
Inphi (N:IPHI) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Sep/25 5:29pm ET
Barings Corporate Investo (N:MCI) N/A Sep/25 5:28pm ET
Axos Financial (N:AX) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 5:26pm ET
Mid-America Apartment Com (N:MAA) Financials/Residential REITs N/A Sep/25 5:26pm ET
Prologis (N:PLD) Financials/Commercial REITs N/A Sep/25 5:24pm ET
Virginia National Banksha (PK:VABK) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 5:24pm ET
Fastly, Inc. Class A Comm (N:FSLY) N/A Sep/25 5:21pm ET
Focus Financial Partners (OQ:FOCS) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators N/A Sep/25 5:17pm ET
Yext, Inc. Common Stock (N:YEXT) N/A Sep/25 5:15pm ET
Taysha Gene Therapies (OQ:TSHA) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Sep/25 5:14pm ET
DoubleLine Yield Opportun (N:DLY) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Sep/25 5:14pm ET
Barrett Business Services (OQ:BBSI) Industrials/Employment Services N/A Sep/25 5:12pm ET
DoubleLine Opportunistic (N:DBL) N/A Sep/25 5:12pm ET
Telenav (OQ:TNAV) Technology/Software N/A Sep/25 5:10pm ET
DoubleLineome Solutions F (N:DSL) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Sep/25 5:08pm ET
Korn Ferry (N:KFY) Industrials/Employment Services N/A Sep/25 5:06pm ET
Progyny, Inc. - Common St (OQ:PGNY) N/A Sep/25 5:05pm ET
Thryv Holdings (PK:THRY) Consumer Cyclicals/Advertising & Marketing N/A Sep/25 5:00pm ET
Datadog, Inc. - Class A C (OQ:DDOG) N/A Sep/25 4:58pm ET
American Realty Investors (N:ARL) Financials/Real Estate Development & Operations N/A Sep/25 4:58pm ET
CVB Financial (OQ:CVBF) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 4:57pm ET
PagerDuty, Inc. Common St (N:PD) N/A Sep/25 4:55pm ET
Transcontinental Realty I (N:TCI) Financials/Residential REITs N/A Sep/25 4:51pm ET
Regional Management (N:RM) Financials/Consumer Lending N/A Sep/25 4:50pm ET
ASA Gold and Precious Met (N:ASA) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Sep/25 4:50pm ET
Brooks Automation (OQ:BRKS) Technology/Semiconductor Equipment & Testing N/A Sep/25 4:45pm ET
Rapt Therapeutics (OQ:RAPT) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Sep/25 4:44pm ET
Magnite, Inc. - Common St (OQ:MGNI) N/A Sep/25 4:42pm ET
CoStar Group (OQ:CSGP) Technology/Internet Services N/A Sep/25 4:37pm ET
Agenus (OQ:AGEN) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Sep/25 4:34pm ET
GTT Communications (N:GTT) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Sep/25 4:31pm ET
Scientific Games (OQ:SGMS) Consumer Cyclicals/Casinos & Gaming N/A Sep/25 4:31pm ET
Starboard Value Acquisiti (OQ:SVACU) Financials/Holding Companies N/A Sep/25 4:28pm ET
Contango ORE (PK:CTGO) Basic Materials/Integrated Mining N/A Sep/25 4:18pm ET
SG Blocks (OQ:SGBX) Industrials/Industrial Machinery & Equipment N/A Sep/25 4:15pm ET
Scholastic (OQ:SCHL) Consumer Cyclicals/Consumer Publishing N/A Sep/25 4:15pm ET
American Public Education (OQ:APEI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Services N/A Sep/25 4:13pm ET
Panhandle Oil and Gas (N:PHX) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production N/A Sep/25 4:11pm ET
Arbutus Biopharma (OQ:ABUS) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Sep/25 4:06pm ET
Quotient (OQ:QTNT) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Sep/25 4:05pm ET
Covetrus, Inc. - Common S (OQ:CVET) N/A Sep/25 4:05pm ET
Accuray (OQ:ARAY) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology N/A Sep/25 4:04pm ET
Sleep Number (OQ:SNBR) Consumer Cyclicals/Home Furnishings N/A Sep/25 4:04pm ET
Choiceone Financial Servi (OQ:COFS) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 3:54pm ET
DTF Tax Freeome (N:DTF) Financials/Closed End Funds N/A Sep/25 3:47pm ET
Bluerock Residential Grow (A:BRG) Financials/Residential REITs N/A Sep/25 3:44pm ET
Liberty Latin America (OQ:LILA) Telecommunication Services/Wireless Telecommunications Services N/A Sep/25 2:16pm ET
Eyenovia, Inc. - Common S (OQ:EYEN) N/A Sep/25 1:42pm ET
ONEOK (N:OKE) Energy/Oil & Gas Transportation Services N/A Sep/25 1:11pm ET
Zoom Telephonics (PK:ZMTP) Telecommunication Services/Wireless Telecommunications Services N/A Sep/25 12:58pm ET
Myriad Genetics (OQ:MYGN) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Sep/25 12:17pm ET
Old Second Bancorp (OQ:OSBC) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 11:58am ET
Conmed (N:CNMD) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Sep/25 11:55am ET
Isabella Bank (PK:ISBA) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 11:47am ET
Rafael Holdings (N:RFL) Financials/Diversified REITs N/A Sep/25 11:39am ET
Scotts Miracle-Gro Co (N:SMG) Basic Materials/Agricultural Chemicals N/A Sep/25 11:32am ET
Old National Bancorp (OQ:ONB) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 11:13am ET
Akerna (OQ:KERN) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Sep/25 10:57am ET
MICT (OQ:MICT) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense N/A Sep/25 10:41am ET
Southern First Bancshares (OQ:SFST) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 9:55am ET
Consumers Bancorp (PK:CBKM) Financials/Banks N/A Sep/25 9:10am ET
Church & Dwight Co. (N:CHD) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Household Products N/A Sep/25 9:01am ET
Novan, Inc. - Common Stoc (OQ:NOVN) N/A Sep/25 8:32am ET
Park Hotels & Resorts (N:PK) Financials/Specialized REITs N/A Sep/25 7:00am ET
Draftkings (OQ:DKNG) Consumer Cyclicals/Casinos & Gaming N/A Sep/25 6:23am ET

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