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The following is a list of issuers with new insider transaction filings. Data from SEC Forms 4 and 5 are updated intra-day and Canadian SEDI data is for the previous business day plus weekends and holidays. US stocks which have new filing information published during the past 20 minutes are indicated by a bold time stamp. Net $ Value Bias represents the estimated cumulative open market or private dollar amounts of equity type security transactions filed throughout the day for a stock (not adjusted for filing errors).

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Includes US Issuers with filings from 6:00am ET October 19th, 2017 to 11:38pm ET October 19th, 2017
Company (Exchange:Ticker) Sector/Industry $ Value Bias Filing Date Quote
Kalvista Pharmaceuticals (OQ:KALV) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 4,866,961 Oct/19 8:29pm ET
Dell Technologies (N:DVMT) Technology/Computer Hardware 2,667,437 Oct/19 4:52pm ET
Star Gold (PK:SRGZ) Basic Materials/Integrated Mining 275,000 Oct/19 5:24pm ET
Accelerate Diagnostics (OQ:AXDX) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology 268,843 Oct/19 3:00pm ET
Marin Software (N:MRIN) Technology/IT Services & Consulting 135,471 Oct/19 6:09pm ET
PacWest Bancorp (OQ:PACW) Financials/Banks 93,840 Oct/19 4:33pm ET
Espey Manufacturing & Ele (A:ESP) Industrials/Electrical Components & Equipment 64,500 Oct/19 4:04pm ET
Adams Diversified Equity (N:ADX) Financials/Closed End Funds 43,600 Oct/19 9:50am ET
Adams Natural Resources F (N:PEO) Financials/Closed End Funds 29,430 Oct/19 9:56am ET
Source Capital (N:SOR) Financials/Closed End Funds 24,973 Oct/19 9:36am ET
LaPolla Industries (PK:LPAD) Basic Materials/Construction Materials 15,663 Oct/19 2:57pm ET
Genius Brands Internation (OQ:GNUS) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production 7,866 Oct/19 9:00am ET
U.S. Global Investors (OQ:GROW) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators 4,404 Oct/19 5:38pm ET
Royal Hawaiian Orchards L (PK:NNUTU) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Fishing & Farming 1,989 Oct/19 6:34pm ET
Anavex Life Sciences (OQ:AVXL) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research 1,684 Oct/19 6:46pm ET
QAD (OQ:QADA) Technology/Software 0 Oct/19 4:13pm ET
NovaGold Resources (USA) (A:NG) Basic Materials/Gold -66 Oct/19 10:56am ET
Clough Global Equity Fund (A:GLQ) Financials/Closed End Funds -383 Oct/19 3:13pm ET
Wilson Bank Holding Compa (PK:WBHC) Financials/Banks -4,375 Oct/19 6:41pm ET
Financial Engines (OQ:FNGN) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators -9,778 Oct/19 5:19pm ET
Hortonworks (OQ:HDP) Technology/Software -21,049 Oct/19 5:32pm ET
Actua (OQ:ACTA) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -26,317 Oct/19 4:53pm ET
Auburn National Bancorpor (OQ:AUBN) Financials/Banks -28,024 Oct/19 12:16pm ET
Willis Lease Finance (OQ:WLFC) Financials/Corporate Financial Services -29,657 Oct/19 6:27pm ET
A-Mark Precious Metals (OQ:AMRK) Basic Materials/Integrated Mining -54,020 Oct/19 2:09pm ET
Jones Energy (N:JONE) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production -63,295 Oct/19 4:36pm ET
Buckle (N:BKE) Consumer Cyclicals/Apparel & Accessories Retailers -65,399 Oct/19 3:03pm ET
EMCORE (OQ:EMKR) Technology/Communications & Networking -77,647 Oct/19 8:05pm ET
Entergy (N:ETR) Utilities/Electric Utilities -84,000 Oct/19 4:31pm ET
PennyMac Financial Servic (N:PFSI) Financials/Banks -91,907 Oct/19 5:17pm ET
Varian Medical Systems (N:VAR) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -97,755 Oct/19 8:26pm ET
Lam Research (OQ:LRCX) Technology/Semiconductor Equipment & Testing -128,600 Oct/19 12:50pm ET
Quantenna Communications (OQ:QTNA) Technology/Communications & Networking -132,160 Oct/19 5:42pm ET
Trecora Resources (N:TREC) Basic Materials/Commodity Chemicals -135,520 Oct/19 9:14am ET
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals (OQ:AMPH) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -153,859 Oct/19 8:01pm ET
United Therapeutics (OQ:UTHR) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -158,376 Oct/19 4:21pm ET
HCA Healthcare (N:HCA) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services -167,700 Oct/19 7:05pm ET
New Home Company (N:NWHM) Consumer Cyclicals/Homebuilding -176,319 Oct/19 9:22pm ET
Silicon Laboratories (OQ:SLAB) Technology/Semiconductors -176,900 Oct/19 3:11pm ET
Cutera (OQ:CUTR) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -196,740 Oct/19 9:18pm ET
John Wiley & Sons (N:JW) Industrials/Professional Information Services -218,240 Oct/19 5:31pm ET
BroadSoft (OQ:BSFT) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -235,255 Oct/19 6:01pm ET
Twitter (N:TWTR) Technology/Internet Services -272,903 Oct/19 8:02pm ET
PennyMac Mortgage Investm (N:PMT) Financials/Specialized REITs -317,044 Oct/19 5:14pm ET
Red Hat (N:RHT) Technology/Software -349,535 Oct/19 6:07pm ET
AeroVironment (OQ:AVAV) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense -388,474 Oct/19 5:23pm ET
Tabula Rasa HealthCare (OQ:TRHC) Healthcare/Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology -426,880 Oct/19 6:39pm ET
Green Dot (N:GDOT) Financials/Consumer Lending -430,311 Oct/19 5:15pm ET
TriNet Group (N:TNET) Industrials/Employment Services -452,460 Oct/19 7:10pm ET
Herman Miller (OQ:MLHR) Industrials/Business Support Supplies -495,356 Oct/19 7:40am ET
HNI (N:HNI) Industrials/Business Support Supplies -508,992 Oct/19 9:40am ET
Yelp (N:YELP) Technology/Internet Services -825,694 Oct/19 5:03pm ET
Zayo Group Holdings (N:ZAYO) Telecommunication Services/Integrated Telecommunications Services -839,184 Oct/19 9:57pm ET
salesforce.com, inc. (N:CRM) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -966,601 Oct/19 6:47pm ET
Amicus Therapeutics (OQ:FOLD) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals -1,058,194 Oct/19 9:33pm ET
Domino's Pizza (N:DPZ) Consumer Cyclicals/Restaurants & Bars -1,418,820 Oct/19 4:09pm ET
Molina Healthcare (N:MOH) Healthcare/Managed Health Care -1,500,777 Oct/19 7:23am ET
bluebird bio (OQ:BLUE) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research -1,569,840 Oct/19 4:13pm ET
Godaddy (N:GDDY) Technology/IT Services & Consulting -1,581,454 Oct/19 5:13pm ET
Advanced Energy Industrie (OQ:AEIS) Technology/Semiconductors -1,955,000 Oct/19 8:28am ET
Interactive Brokers Group (OQ:IBKR) Financials/Financial & Commodity Market Operators -2,270,675 Oct/19 7:40pm ET
Vonage Holdings (N:VG) Telecommunication Services/Wireless Telecommunications Services -3,368,153 Oct/19 5:41pm ET
Principal Financial Group (N:PFG) Financials/Life & Health Insurance -4,595,236 Oct/19 3:47pm ET
Straight Path Communicati (A:STRP) Telecommunication Services/Wireless Telecommunications Services -6,620,877 Oct/19 5:32pm ET
Halcon Resources (N:HK) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production -10,296,415 Oct/19 12:28pm ET
Vectrus, Inc. Common Stoc (N:VEC) N/A Oct/19 9:43pm ET
General Communication (OQ:GNCMA) Telecommunication Services/Integrated Telecommunications Services N/A Oct/19 9:33pm ET
VerifyMe (PK:VRME) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Oct/19 8:26pm ET
Jewett-Cameron Trading Co (OQ:JCTCF) Basic Materials/Forest & Wood Products N/A Oct/19 7:59pm ET
Southwest Bancorp (OQ:OKSB) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 7:51pm ET
AppFolio (OQ:APPF) Technology/Software N/A Oct/19 7:49pm ET
CommVault Systems (OQ:CVLT) Technology/Software N/A Oct/19 7:24pm ET
The Ensign Group (OQ:ENSG) Healthcare/Healthcare Facilities & Services N/A Oct/19 7:17pm ET
Seagate Technology PLC (OQ:STX) Technology/Computer Hardware N/A Oct/19 7:16pm ET
Twenty-First Century Fox (OQ:FOXA) Consumer Cyclicals/Entertainment Production N/A Oct/19 7:13pm ET
DanDrit Biotech USA (PK:DDRT) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Oct/19 6:53pm ET
Landauer (N:LDR) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Oct/19 6:46pm ET
American Airlines Group (OQ:AAL) Industrials/Airlines N/A Oct/19 6:19pm ET
Lilis Energy (A:LLEX) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production N/A Oct/19 6:01pm ET
Great Elm Capital Corp. - (OQ:GECC) N/A Oct/19 5:56pm ET
Strategic Acquisitions (PK:STQN) Financials/Holding Companies N/A Oct/19 5:48pm ET
Fifth Street Asset Manage (OQ:FSAM) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators N/A Oct/19 5:44pm ET
Pinnacle West Capital (N:PNW) Utilities/Electric Utilities N/A Oct/19 5:44pm ET
OptiNose, Inc. - Common S (OQ:OPTN) N/A Oct/19 5:39pm ET
MDU Resources Group (N:MDU) Utilities/Multiline Utilities N/A Oct/19 5:39pm ET
Seritage Growth Propertie (N:SRG) Financials/Commercial REITs N/A Oct/19 5:37pm ET
Eldorado Resorts (OQ:ERI) Consumer Cyclicals/Casinos & Gaming N/A Oct/19 5:34pm ET
Mobileiron (OQ:MOBL) Technology/Software N/A Oct/19 5:34pm ET
Yext, Inc. Common Stock (N:YEXT) N/A Oct/19 5:32pm ET
Square, Inc. Class A Comm (N:SQ) N/A Oct/19 5:32pm ET
Welltower (N:HCN) Financials/Specialized REITs N/A Oct/19 5:27pm ET
Bridgepoint Education (N:BPI) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Personal Services N/A Oct/19 5:12pm ET
First Defiance Financial (OQ:FDEF) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 5:10pm ET
BOK Financial (OQ:BOKF) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 5:07pm ET
Vistra Energy (N:VST) Utilities/Electric Utilities N/A Oct/19 5:00pm ET
BTCS (PK:BTCS) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Oct/19 4:59pm ET
ENSCO PLC (N:ESV) Energy/Oil & Gas Drilling N/A Oct/19 4:53pm ET
Proofpoint (OQ:PFPT) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Oct/19 4:46pm ET
Oil-Dri of America (N:ODC) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Household Products N/A Oct/19 4:43pm ET
Haemonetics (N:HAE) Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution N/A Oct/19 4:42pm ET
Nicholas Financial (OQ:NICK) Financials/Consumer Lending N/A Oct/19 4:37pm ET
ENB Financial (PK:ENBP) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 4:36pm ET
Onvia (OQ:ONVI) Industrials/Professional Information Services N/A Oct/19 4:31pm ET
MACOM Technology Solution (OQ:MTSI) Technology/Semiconductor Equipment & Testing N/A Oct/19 4:29pm ET
Winmark (OQ:WINA) Consumer Cyclicals/Other Specialty Retailers N/A Oct/19 4:29pm ET
U.S. Bancorp (N:USB) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 4:13pm ET
CTI BioPharma (OQ:CTIC) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Oct/19 4:11pm ET
Firsthand Technology Valu (OQ:SVVC) N/A Oct/19 4:06pm ET
Comcast (OQ:CMCSA) Consumer Cyclicals/Broadcasting N/A Oct/19 4:05pm ET
CTD Holdings (PK:CTDH) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Oct/19 4:01pm ET
CytomX Therapeutics (OQ:CTMX) Healthcare/Biotechnology & Medical Research N/A Oct/19 4:00pm ET
People's Utah Bancorp - C (OQ:PUB) N/A Oct/19 3:57pm ET
Hyatt Hotels (N:H) Consumer Cyclicals/Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines N/A Oct/19 3:56pm ET
Donaldson Company (N:DCI) Industrials/Environmental Services & Equipment N/A Oct/19 3:46pm ET
Washington Trust Bancorp (OQ:WASH) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 3:43pm ET
Sherwin-Williams Co (N:SHW) Basic Materials/Commodity Chemicals N/A Oct/19 3:27pm ET
Nevada Gold & Casinos (A:UWN) Consumer Cyclicals/Casinos & Gaming N/A Oct/19 3:01pm ET
Gamco Investors (N:GBL) Financials/Investment Management & Fund Operators N/A Oct/19 2:57pm ET
ServiceNow (N:NOW) Technology/Software N/A Oct/19 2:42pm ET
SCI Engineered Materials (PK:SCIA) Technology/Semiconductors N/A Oct/19 2:10pm ET
Cintas (OQ:CTAS) Industrials/Business Support Services N/A Oct/19 2:05pm ET
Associated Banc (N:ASB) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 2:02pm ET
Appcoin Innovations (PK:APCN) Consumer Cyclicals/Consumer Publishing N/A Oct/19 1:39pm ET
Chemical Financial (OQ:CHFC) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 1:25pm ET
McCormick & Company, (N:MKC) Consumer Non-Cyclicals/Food Processing N/A Oct/19 1:12pm ET
Winnebago Industries (N:WGO) Consumer Cyclicals/Recreational Products N/A Oct/19 12:13pm ET
Extraction Oil & Gas (OQ:XOG) Energy/Oil & Gas Exploration and Production N/A Oct/19 12:09pm ET
Choice Hotels Internation (N:CHH) Consumer Cyclicals/Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines N/A Oct/19 11:52am ET
Nicolet Bankshares (OQ:NCBS) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 11:41am ET
AmeriServ Financial (OQ:ASRV) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 11:24am ET
TransDigm Group (N:TDG) Industrials/Aerospace & Defense N/A Oct/19 11:10am ET
Petrogress (PK:PGAS) Technology/IT Services & Consulting N/A Oct/19 10:54am ET
Sterling Bancorp (N:STL) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 10:43am ET
Lear (N:LEA) Consumer Cyclicals/Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts N/A Oct/19 9:57am ET
Fortress Biotech (OQ:FBIO) Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals N/A Oct/19 9:41am ET
Great Southern Bancorp (OQ:GSBC) Financials/Banks N/A Oct/19 9:13am ET
Brookfield Real Assets In (N:RA) N/A Oct/19 9:00am ET
Brookfield Global Listed (N:INF) N/A Oct/19 8:55am ET
C&J Energy Services (N:CJ) Energy/Oil Related Services and Equipment N/A Oct/19 8:12am ET