Samsara Unveils Innovative Solutions Tailored for Mexico's Thriving Transportation Industry at Expo Transporte 2023 in Guadalajara

Nov 15, 2023 09:00 pm

Samsara Inc. ("Samsara") (NYSE: IOT), the pioneer of the Connected Operations™ Cloud, is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking suite of theft prevention and efficiency solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Mexican transportation and logistics sector. Since entering the Mexico market in 2019, Samsara has been dedicated to understanding the specific needs of the region, and now employs more than 200 workers in Mexico.

Samsara is committed to supporting the growth and resilience of the Mexican transportation industry, which is experiencing extraordinary growth. In the first quarter of 2023, Mexico surpassed China in cargo volume imported to the United States, marking a significant milestone in the global trade landscape.

With this growth, the transportation and logistics industry in Mexico is facing new challenges, including rising vehicle part costs, fuel expenditures, driver shortages, and concerns about road security. Today, at Expo Transporte, Samsara is excited to introduce a range of innovative products designed to specifically address these challenges: increasing efficiency, cutting costs, protecting drivers and assets, and preventing theft.

As a trusted partner for transportation companies aiming to harness the industry's growth, Samsara's latest offerings will address the challenges faced by fleet managers and businesses in the region.

Security: Protect Drivers and Prevent Theft

Security is top of mind for transportation companies in Mexico. Cargo theft in Mexico grew 7% in 2022, and customers are focused on ways to improve theft prevention. Samsara’s newest security solutions include instant risk detection and reliable theft response, to keep vehicles, drivers, and cargo safe on the road.

  • Auto Immobilization: Samsara’s latest technology stops vehicles automatically when tampering is detected, without the need of connectivity or the operations manager to manually activate the engine immobilizer. The faster a vehicle is shut down, the more likely a company is to recover the vehicle and cargo, and the less likely a theft is to be successful in the first place. Auto immobilization reduces lag time between an attempted robbery and recovery, keeping both drivers and cargo safe.
  • AG52 Asset Gateway: Samsara's new generation of asset tracking can be connected with cargo and door sensors to provide real-time alerts on door activities and the presence or absence of cargo. This provides additional security to areas of the vehicle where security managers may not have visibility, improving theft detection and prevention.

Efficiency: Streamline Data and Cut Costs

Samsara’s recent State of Connected Operations report found that 90% of operations leaders say having accurate, real-time operational data is critical for their decision making and, as a result, close to 70% are increasing their technology budgets this year. Samsara’s latest innovations for Mexico will streamline data sharing, reduce manual work, and improve video visibility for driver exoneration after an accident.

  • Driver Assignment via QR Codes: With this innovation, Samsara now provides a seamless driver login process that pairs drivers with their vehicles through QR codes and AI-powered dashboard cameras. The result is less manual work, more accurate data, and a better experience for drivers on the road.
  • HD Camera Connector: Samsara now delivers 360° HD video visibility that displays cabin, side, and trailer views. This additional visibility improves driver safety and provides additional video evidence in the case of an incident, reducing costs for carriers.
  • Data Connectors: Samsara’s data connectors enable seamless data transmission

from the Samsara platform to the tools customers need for more effective data analysis, visualization, and business reviews. For example, with the Power BI connector, customers can create customized charts and diagrams for simplified business reviews, driver performance assessments, and more. This holistic visibility empowers everyone within an organization to make data-driven decisions and improve the bottom line.

What Samsara Customers Are Saying

  • Theft prevention, En-trega:
    “Last year we were able to intercept a theft thanks to Samsara. In a few hours we recovered everything and the driver was unharmed. In addition, our use of Samsara’s door sensors allows us to instantly detect any unauthorized opening. This allows us to respond rapidly to potential theft or safety issues and showcases to our customers that we provide a dependable, secure service,” says Ana Ruth, Head of Delivery Monitoring for En-trega.
  • Improved driver assignments, Paquetexpress:
    Paquetexpress recently implemented Samsara’s driver assignment via QR codes in select branches, resulting in a significant increase in driver-to-vehicle assignment rates, from 59% to an impressive average of 88%. This improved assignment process has led to reduced manual administrative work and more precise operational data for Paquetexpress.
  • Better decision making, Trayecto:
    “The use of the Power BI connector has beneficial results for the Trayecto security area, allowing us to collect, analyze and visualize data efficiently and effectively. It gives a comprehensive view of the data, allows us to make informed decisions, KPI monitoring, integration of existing data, and attractive visualization. It will allow us to boost efficiency and improve decision making.” Héctor Dávila, Safety Manager for Trayecto.

Quote From Samsara

  • “Mexico is a priority market for Samsara. We’re dedicated to deeply listening to our customers and developing technology to meet their needs. In every conversation customers tell us they’re focused on preventing theft, reducing costs, and protecting their drivers on the road. We’re excited to provide a new suite of solutions specifically tailored to the Mexico market, and provide value for our customers.” Julia Monroy, Samsara.

These innovative solutions reflect Samsara's dedication to empowering Mexican transportation companies as they navigate the evolving landscape of the industry. We invite you to explore our products, designed to help you operate more efficiently, enhance security, and protect your assets at Expo Transporte 2023 in Guadalajara (Booth #J1867, Salón Jalisco).

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