Shareable Concierge Launches as an Alternative to Major Car-Sharing Platforms

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 2, 2022) - US-based business consulting and services firm 'Shareable Solutions' has announced that it will be introducing a new business model called 'Shareable Concierge.' The initiative intends to help entrepreneurs to develop their own car-sharing businesses and property-sharing management systems. The program provides technical and managerial facilities to connect hosts, guests, agents, and management through the integration of automated platforms. In addition, this platform helps stakeholders to streamline their operations process through a unique user-friendly interface.

The new car-sharing business model revolves around collaboration with stakeholders in the industry as a means of maximizing business growth and revenue. Shareable Solutions assists its partners by helping them become the host while also guiding them through obtaining a license and finding an expert driver. In addition to this, the new model enables the owners to hire expert drivers to manage their fleet. Senior officials at the company underline that its mission is to develop a gig economy, where vehicle owners and drivers can connect with each other under a single platform.

With this new announcement, Shareable Solutions is focussing on making fleet management more convenient through the use of its sophisticated, AI-powered technologies and integrated software. Leaving the car and its care and maintenance to non-professional operators is risky and often dangerous. A professional approach ensures greater security by ensuring they comply with necessary guidelines and regulations. This comes in light of the fact that US drivers spent $175 billion on vehicle maintenance and repair in 2020. In such a costly industry, the Shareable Concierge initiative is setting out to provide value for money for all of its clients.

The company also highlights that it will be in compliance with customer rental region-specific agreements. As Tory Lipsey, Founder and Group CEO of Sharable Solutions, emphasizes, "This new initiative pays significant attention to customer care and satisfaction; it is committed to ensuring that guests are provided with high-quality services, such as selecting a convenient location for their drop-off and return. We ensure that we always drive the extra mile, so to speak! The program also ensures professional care and maintenance of the vehicles to ensure that the guests are provided with vehicles that are in prime condition. We also ensure the quality of rental equipment through continuous monitoring and quality control."

Shareable Concierge is an initiative by Shareable Solutions designed to provide an innovative platform hosting a website and application that enables drivers and service providers to connect with the owners.

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