The Pink Bot: A Powerful New Tool to Buy & Sell Crypto Coins

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 18, 2022) - Expert team creates The Pink Bot to buy and sell new crypto coins faster, safer, and automatically.

The Pink Bot is an innovative tool, with a scam check feature, that quickly and automatically handles the buying and selling process during the presale or launch of a new cryptocurrency. It removes the tedious effort of manually buying and selling crypto and simplifies it into a one-click process.

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The Pink Bot: A Powerful New Tool to Buy & Sell Crypto Coins

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How Does It Work?

The Pink Bot works on Binance Smart Chain, one the largest, fastest, and cheapest blockchain networks for crypto-to-crypto transactions. Simply input the wallet address, the presale or the token address, and the BNB budget. The scam check runs seamlessly in the background and will indicate "Okay to Buy" if the address passes or "Do Not Buy" if it determines the address is not safe. After the "Okay to Buy" confirmation, clicking the "Buy Tokens" button is all that is required to begin. The Pink Bot will complete the purchase as soon as the presale or launch begins, and can be verified on BSCscan.

The Pink Bot runs on the PancakeSwap crypto exchange and presale platforms; PinkSale, DxSale, and Unicrypt. The software is available in both PC and Mac versions, increasing transaction speeds up to 100x. The lifetime updates ensure The Pink Bot will be safe and easy to use.

What Are the Benefits?

There are a few key benefits to utilizing The Pink Bot that help to eliminate virtually all concerns.

  • The Speed of One-Click Automation - By simplifying the process down to a single click, The Pink Bot removes all possibility of human error and speeds up the process tremendously. It can easily bypass any anti-bot mode. Everything can be set up before the start of the presale or launch. The scam check will automatically run in the background. Once clear, one click of the "Buy Tokens" button is all that is needed. The Pink Bot will complete the transaction at the earliest and safest opportunity.

  • Scam Check - The automated scam check feature checks for high-tax traps, honeypots, malicious code, code flaws, and more. While no scam checking system provides 100% protection all of the time, The Pink Bot helps drastically reduce the chances of falling victim to one. This feature is constantly updated to maximize protection level.

  • Utilize Multiple Wallets - The Pink Bot allows one to simultaneously use up to ten different wallets in order to simplify the transaction.

  • Community of Investors - While The Official Pinkbot Website has an excellent FAQ section that answers most questions, once joined, The Pink Bot will have a private group that allows one to talk to other investors, get help, and ask questions.


The Pink Bot YouTube Channel has multiple videos demonstrating how the tool works. If you have additional questions, you can even contact the creator of The Pink Bot on Telegram @ThePinkBotCreator.

The Pink Bot brings speed, scam protection, and automation into the world of cryptocurrency, which makes it one of the most powerful crypto tools ever created for retail investors.

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