Twilio Launches Sync -- Real-Time State Synchronization API

Twilio Launches Sync -- Real-Time State Synchronization API

New Offering Makes It Easy to Add In-App Collaboration and Build a Consistent Application Experience Across Devices.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 26, 2016) - Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), the cloud communications platform for developers, today announced Twilio Sync, the easiest way to keep real-time applications in sync across devices and between users. State synchronization is a critical part of every real-time application but also a difficult development challenge to solve at scale. By making state synchronization available via an API, Twilio enables developers to spend their time building features for customers instead of building backend state synchronization infrastructure. Sign up for the developer preview at

People expect a consistent app experience on every device they use. When transitioning between mobile and web, they expect to pick up on their laptops where they left off on their smartphones. When messaging with friends, they expect to know who is online and who is idle as soon as they open the app. When playing multi-player games, gamers expect to collaborate and compete with other gamers around the globe. Millisecond-level state synchronization is the fabric for building these cross-platform apps, creating real-time interactive experiences, and embedding communications within apps. By maintaining a single source of state in the cloud, Twilio Sync gives developers the infrastructure to easily and quickly synchronize their apps, at scale, with a few lines of code.

"All modern applications are real-time applications," said Patrick Malatack, Vice President of Product at Twilio. "With Twilio Sync, Twilio takes care of the real-time infrastructure so that developers can build the apps their customers want with less effort and less cost."

Twilio Sync enables developers to build a variety of experiences, including:

  • Cross-platform applications -- Maintain current app state in real-time across every device a consumer uses to access an application. Provide a seamless experience each time the user returns to the app by bringing them back to wherever they left off.
  • User Availability -- Build presence into apps that enables users to visualize, make decisions and communicate based on who's available and who's busy, the last time they were active on the app, or any other custom status.
  • Remote collaboration -- Co-browse and co-edit within your existing applications. Whether that's guiding a customer through a complex process in a web or mobile app, or collaborating on a document or text editor.

Sync is designed to work either as a completely stand alone state management system or in tandem with Twilio Programmable Voice, Video, IP Messaging and other Twilio products to provide context rich, real-time communications. It is available in developer preview today at

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