Bond Market Secrets: Offsetting Asymmetric Downside Risk

Real VisionJanuary 15, 2020
Gershon Distenfeld co-heads a fixed-income team at AllianceBernstein that manages over $300 billion in assets. He joins Real Vision to discuss how the high-yield credit space can function as an alternative to the stock market and why the best bond investors focus on avoiding losers rather than picking winners. He underscores the importance of fixed-income diversification and gives his thoughts on leveraged loans, collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs), and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Filmed on January 10, 2020, in New York.
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Real VisionAugust 13, 2020
Risk-On or Risk-Off: Preparing For the Next Market Crash
The terms risk-on and risk-off are tossed around liberally by market participants -- but what do they actually mean, and how can you determine truly whether the market is in one camp or the other? In this interview, Michael Gayed, author of the Lead-Lag Report and portfolio manager of the ATAC Rotation Fund, answers those questions and explains why risk-off does not guarantee a market downturn. He also describes the backtested indicators of treasury and utility outperformance that he uses to determine the current state of risk-on or risk-off, and how he manages his portfolio accordingly. Additionally, Gayed gives his outlook on the question of continued outperformance of large-cap US equities vs small-caps and emerging markets and discusses the damage zero commission trading is doing to investors in the form of overtrading. Filmed on August 11, 2020.
Real VisionAugust 12, 2020
Daily Briefing - August 12, 2020
Senior editor, Ash Bennington, joins Robert Leonard, VP of Growth and Innovation at The Investor’s Podcast Network, to discuss how novice and millennial investors are currently navigating the markets. Robert explains how the real economy and markets are currently disconnected and how that lays the foundation for a future market correction. He also dives into his investment framework and how he combines both value and momentum strategies. Ash and Robert wrap up their discussion by examining how novice and millennial investors tactically and philosophically approach markets, especially in the past few months, and what the potential ramifications of that will be for this demographic. In the intro, Peter Cooper shares how airlines and Disney are currently working to conserve cash flow in an environment of suppressed demand.
Real VisionAugust 12, 2020
The Restructuring Creed: Grow, Adapt, Survive
In the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have seen their revenue streams vanish and their balance sheets implode. How can businesses survive in the brave new world of COVID-19? This is the question that Tony Alvarez III, European Practice Leader at Alvarez and Marsal LP, and James Rasteh, CIO and Founder of Coast Capital, seek to answer in their exploration into business restructuring. Alvarez and Rasteh explore how companies can adapt, survive, and undergo productive change. Alvarez shares a glimpse into the world of business restructuring few else can offer, as he tells Rasteh about the many times he and his firm have rescued companies from the brink of bankruptcy. Filmed on August 10, 2020.

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