Episode Two

Real VisionOctober 27, 2017
In Episode Two of 'A World on the Brink' – Globalization and its Discontents, Dee Smith examines globalization and its impact, bringing nearly a billion people out of poverty, but not without significant drawbacks. In this episode, we attempt to place globalization in context: as both progenitor and part of larger global changes that include automation, the rise of identity politics, economic contagion, and phenomena like Brexit. Contributors discuss the pros and cons of globalization in the context of the politics of nostalgia, populist movements, and attempts to recreate previous political and social structures. We also examine the largely unanswered questions that face us all, as opposing economic and social trends continue to gather strength. https://www.realvision.com/world-brink-disclaimer/
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Other Real Vision Videos

Real VisionJuly 15, 2020
Crossing The Grand Canyon of Coronavirus
Much of the discussion surrounding the economic fallout from COVID-19 has been focused on the shape of the recovery. Will it be V, U, or L shaped? In this interview with longtime friend and confidant Danielle DiMartino Booth of Quill Intelligence, David Kotok, CIO of Cumberland Advisors, argues that it will be Grand Canyon shaped, with a steep fall and an equally steep rise that reaches a plateau well below where we were when we descended into the canyon. As well, they touch on WWII as a valuable historical reference point, Kotok’s frustration with the policy decisions and messaging surrounding COVID-19 and the inevitable political consequences, and his strong views on globalization and the economic harm that the acceleration of trends in de-globalization could cause. Filmed on July 13, 2020.
Real VisionJuly 14, 2020
Daily Briefing - July 14, 2020
Senior editor Ash Bennington joins managing editor Ed Harrison to discuss Q2 earnings for banks such as JPMorgan and Wells Fargo and use it as a barometer to talk about market cycles. Ash and Ed consider how the abysmal results in financials can cloud our understanding of where markets are at in the cycle. They also break down the sector weightings in the S&P 500, examining how severely underrepresented certain industries are and how that is distorting equity market performance. They also ponder the ways in which the system is currently "rigged," the sorts of inequities that arise out of it, and how the pandemic is exposing it all. In the intro, Peter Cooper discusses the Q2 earnings for JPMorgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo, and analyzes how effective the Payroll Protection Program has been in supporting small businesses in the US.
Real VisionJuly 14, 2020
Infinity Phase 3: The Post-COVID Paradigm
We often categorize the epochs of finance as “post-XYZ” crisis as the changes that take place in market psychology, monetary policy, and politics upend our previously held truths, and experienced market participants have to learn the new rules of the game. Christophe Ollari, founder of Ollari Consulting, believes we are entering into a new post-COVID era, marked by different forms of monetary policy (ie., yield curve control or direct support of equity markets), suppressed bond market volatility, and an equity market that must act accordingly. Ollari also touches on the much-discussed “disconnect” between equities and the economy and argues that the lagging Russell 2000 index is a perfect example of why markets are neither disconnected from the facts nor pricing in a V-shaped recovery. Filmed on July 9, 2020.

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