Rising capex at Peyto supports the Canadian Insider bull market run

INK ResearchNovember 21, 2020
We see an insider bull market unfolding in Canada and the companies we like are the ones that are investing in their businesses. INK looks at Peyto Exploration & Development (PEY) which is doing just that. Enjoy the video summary of the November 17th INK Morning report. Never miss another INK Morning Report. Join us as an INK subscriber or Canadian Insider Club Ultra member and for full access and email delivery of core INK reports.
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INK ResearchNovember 27, 2020
INK Ultra Money Free: Aimia doubles down on a post-pandemic world
In the November 19th morning report, INK Research revisited investment company Aimia (AIM) which is showing no fear of COVID-19. The company continues to bet on companies that could thrive once the pandemic ends. Insiders are along for the journey. Enjoy this free video summary of the INK Morning Report on Aimia. Get access to future INK reports by joining us as an INK subscriber or Canadian Insider Club Ultra member. Let the insiders guide you towards opportunity and profits as tax-loss selling season starts.
INK ResearchNovember 26, 2020
Is Chesswood Group stock back on a journey to higher ground?
For Chesswood Group (CHW) shareholders, it has been a long ride down from the stock's peak in 2013. However, the stock of the commercial equipment finance company has been mounting a comeback this year and insiders have been buying. Could a short-squeeze help fuel the stock higher?
INK ResearchNovember 24, 2020
Enthusiastic insider buying at Enthusiast Gaming
Today, INK Research looks at Enthusiast Gaming (EGLX), a stock that has broken out of its recent range. There is a lot of insider enthusiasm at Enthusiast, and INK looks at what might be driving the excitement.

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