Insiders take a shine to a gem in the oil patch.

INK ResearchSeptember 15, 2021
Today, INK Research looks at a G-economy oil patch stock with D-economy characteristics.
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INK ResearchSeptember 24, 2021
On the railroad to recovery
As the prospects for the proposed CNR takeover of Kansas City Southern went off the rails in August, the prospects for the stock may have improved. If you are not member, join us today as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity this fall.
INK ResearchSeptember 23, 2021
The i-80 Gold road to opportunity and outperformance
I-80 Gold (IAU) has jumped more than 25% since we first covered it in May. Ted Dixon explains what is driving the stock down the road to outperformance and reports that insiders are very much along for the ride.
INK ResearchSeptember 22, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: Uranium Royalty powers higher
Uranium Royalty (URC) has been showing up on the INK platform recently with some bullish signals even after a strong rally since we highlighted it in May.

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