Elastos: Web 3.0 and the Shift to Decentralized, User-Owned Data

Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes Elastos global lead and team founder Donald Bullers to discuss the upward trend of Web 3.0 development and the work that Elastos and Tuum Technologies is doing to propel that forward. Bullers describes Elastos as a suite of open software that allows developers to build internet applications that enables users to own and control their data and distinguishes how this protocol unique from others. He also shares his thoughts on the ethical use of data, when these Web 3.0 applications will be ready for users, and how governments are responding to the rise of Web 3.0. Filmed on June 8, 2021. Key Learnings: Once more applications become available for users, Web 3.0 will empower them to be able to own and control their data in a way that’s not currently possible. Bullers explains how the Elastos protocol and Tuum Technologies are creating a means to make the development of Web 3.0 platforms and applications easier as developers can pick and choose the software they want to utilize—from smart contracts, storage solutions, and more.
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