Fireblocks: Securing the Digital Asset Infrastructure

Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington hosts Michael Shaulov, founder & CEO of Fireblocks, to discuss how Fireblocks helps organizations within the digital asset space secure their infrastructure, misunderstandings between wallet & key management, risks, regulations, and future applications. Shaulov explains that Fireblocks supplies the rails and wallet infrastructure to some of the largest players in the digital asset space. Shaulov states that there are three problems that Fireblocks are helping to resolve—wallet, how one conducts transfers, and how to ensure the first two problems are handled properly and void of security threats. While Shaulov shares how there are many good solutions already out there to move the financial industry onto new rails, they have varying levels of success. What is needed for clients and individuals to align with what they might consider the best solution to be is thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and transparency from experts so as to ensure the solution needed is readily available and easy to be acted on. Filmed on April 30, 2021. Key Learnings: Shaulov explains that there are very few organizations in the world that are able to defend against supply chain attacks. Shaulov states that on the customer side, the question is, "Do you have a technology that can facilitate those processes?" Fireblocks has built an infrastructure that allows users to customize their levels of authorization and automate deployment rules to validate and secure transactions, making it difficult for a user’s funds to be compromised.
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dYdX: Building the Future of DEX Margin Trading
Ash Bennington, senior crypto editor for Real Vision, hosts Antonio Juliano, founder of dYdX, to discuss dYdX, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), regulations, risk management, and the future of the space. After becoming interested in the idea of blockchain as a whole computing paradigm via Ethereum rather than as a system for payments, investment, or store of value like the Bitcoin model, Juliano became invested in building a search engine for decentralized apps. With limited success, he became drawn to the advent of DEXs. To him, this idea seemed like the natural progression of decentralized finance, and Juliano surmised that the next level to the decentralized stack would be more advanced financial products including margin trading and derivatives, prompting the creation of dYdX. Filmed May 13th, 2021. Key Learnings: Most crypto exchanges have centralized operations—this creates opportunities for assets to being hackable, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen over the years. DEXs prevent this by allowing the user to retain custody and pull funds immediately if necessary. With dYdX, the DEX also solves for transparency which allows for the rules, past performance, and volatility of the exchange to be encoded into smart contracts, allowing for the system to "bootstrap trust". Juliano believes that with these systems, which are global in nature, can bypass traditional jurisdictions and will allow for users to easily and effectively trade at more advanced levels typically reserved for private banks and hedges.
CryptoEq: Building Trust at Scale for Digital Asset Research
Santiago Velez, entrepreneur and digital assets investor for Block Digital Corporation & AD, Inc., sits down with Spencer Randall, principal and co-founder of CryptoEq, to discuss CryptoEq, market cycles, blue chips, and future staying power. Randall saw the need to have a community to discuss digital assets as he felt that education around the crypto space was and still is done in a silo and that the value from the digital assets space could be better derived by breaking down the barriers to communication. With CryptoEq, Randall’s goal is to provide a forum for individuals with different life experiences and views to have a space where those thoughts and ideas can collide. In Randall's own words, "Community brings faster collisions, more innovation, more discovery, more learning." Filmed on April 11, 2021. Key Learnings: With the volume of information out there on digital assets, how do you distill it and make it easy for the end user to cut through all the noise or misinformation and get started in the space? CryptoEq aims to be the north star for digital assets, focusing on research and market insights, to allow for users to not only learn about crypto faster, but responsibly. With CryptoEq's focus on fundamental and sentiment analysis as well as enter and exit strategies, Randall believes individuals who want to enter the crypto space can do so with ease and find trust at scale.
Why Bitcoin Will Green the Planet
Mustafa Yilham, VP of Global Business Development at Bixin; Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer for CoinShares; Caroline Cochran, co-founder and chief operating officer of Oklo; and Whit Gibbs, founder and CEO of Compass Mining discuss how Bitcoin will ultimately prove a net positive for the greening of the planet. Given recent comments from individuals such as Elon Musk on their concerns over Bitcoin's adverse affects on the environment, the Real Vision Crypto team felt that it would be only proper to present our audience with an alternative viewpoint. Filmed live on March 24, 2021 at Real Vision's Crypto Gathering.

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