Daily Briefing - October 14, 2020

Real VisionOctober 14, 2020
Real Vision managing editor, Ed Harrison, is joined by editor, Jack Farley, to break down today's bank earnings reports and look forward to the fate of the credit markets. Ed shares his framework for understanding the K-shaped bifurcation between investment banks relying on a flurry of IPOs and bond issuance and commercial banks who are left with spotty loans and narrowing net interest margins. Jack guides viewers through the remarkable performance of Goldman Sachs, particularly their trading division, and he also shines a light on the rising credit risks in Bank of America's loan book. In the intro, Real Vision's Peter Cooper discusses how companies are postponing their plans to return to the office until the summer of 2021 and what the future of work arrangements may look like as remote work continues to present its pros and cons.
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Other Real Vision Videos

Real VisionOctober 30, 2020
Kaplan and Rule: The Golden Ticket
Dr. Thomas Kaplan, chairman of The Electrum Group and executive chairman of Panthera Corporation, joins Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, to discuss the opportunities he sees at this juncture for precious metals and precious metals miners. After Kaplan regales Rule with tales of his epic call on silver in 1992, which turned many heads including that of George Soros, Kaplan shares why he believes gold offers a "generational opportunity" in 2020 that can offer 10x-20x returns. As developing nations threaten to nationalize mines, Kaplan has allocated away from emerging markets to concentrate his investments in America, Canada, and Australia, warning simply that the "era of the frontier mentality is over." Filmed on October 26, 2020. Key takeaways: Opportunities in precious metals are many and promising, but jurisdictional risks lurk. Kaplan sees nationalization of mines as a major threat in emerging markets, warning that the "era of the frontier mentality is over."
Real VisionOctober 29, 2020
Daily Briefing - October 29, 2020
Managing editor, Ed Harrison, welcomes Stephen Kalayjian, chief market strategist of Ticker Tocker, to discuss the elevated levels of volatility and his forward outlook for markets over the coming months. With the U.S. election coming up in less than a week, Kalayjian describes how not only are markets are being worn down by the torrent of uncertainty surrounding policy outcomes with each respective administration, but also by how the sensitivity of this year's election and the events that will unfold in the coming weeks are keeping markets on edge with COVID-19 exacerbating tensions further. He explains where he sees the opportunities and downside risk in U.S. equities in light of these circumstances and why the perception of economic growth in large cap tech stocks will propel their prices up further for the rest of 2020 through the beginning of 2021. Real Vision reporter Haley Draznin analyzes the U.S. economy's record GDP growth, but explains the real obstacles going forward that will slow the recovery, perhaps severely.
Real VisionOctober 29, 2020
Democratizing Investing: The Power of Tokenization
Stephane de Baets has emerged as a pioneer in blockchain-based real estate investing by leading the development of the security token market. He is the founder and president of Elevated Returns, the international asset management firm which controls the iconic St. Regis Aspen Resort in Aspen, Colorado and other hospitality-centric commercial properties in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. De Baets explains to short-seller Marc Cohodes his efforts to tokenize his entire portfolio of real estate assets. He utilized the Tezos blockchain to tokenize the St. Regis Aspen Resort and partnered with tZERO, a distributed ledger platform and subsidiary of Overstock, to enable the trading of the AspenDigital token. He also discusses opportunities to tokenize restaurants and airlines and breaks down the difference between cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and security and utility tokens. De Baets is also the founder and owner of Chefs Club, a restaurant group with a rotating residency of world-class chefs at its locations in Aspen, New York City, and Taipei. Filmed on October 26, 2020. Key Learnings: De Baets visualizes a future where every asset, whether a small business or property, can be tokenized and sold on the blockchain. He thinks there will be a massive transformation of capitalism in which consumer-funded businesses will lead the next wave where consumers become the major stakeholders of a business.

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