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Real VisionJuly 07, 2020
Daily Briefing - July 7, 2020
Managing editor Ed Harrison joins Dan Russo, CMT, chief market strategist at Chaikin Analytics, to discuss the latest developments and trends in markets. With his blend of technical and fundamental analysis, Russo shares where he’s seeing relative strength in equities and explains why understanding the macro picture and the interconnected relationships of various asset classes is important for equity traders. Russo and Harrison also dive into currencies, bonds, and the macro trends, especially as it pertains to inflation. In the intro, Peter Cooper talks about remittance and why it’s a critical piece of puzzle for the global economic recovery.
Real VisionJuly 07, 2020
Stephanie Kelton -- MMT and the Deficit Myth
By both surprise and necessity, Modern Monetary Theory is here at our doorstep. And with neither major party remaining as the party of ‘fiscal responsibility’, it seems there is little standing in the way of MMT becoming the premise for US government spending initiatives. That’s why it is more important than ever to understand the thinking behind MMT and the common misconceptions surrounding it -- and to prepare your portfolio for its increased acceptance by politicians who view it as an invitation to spend. In this interview with Marshall Auerback of the Levy Economics Institute, Stephanie Kelton breaks down the arguments put forward in her new book, “The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy”. Together they discuss why MMT does not give governments carte blanche to spend indiscriminately. Kelton also articulates why comparing government debts to private debts is flawed. She explores the varying gradations of monetary sovereignty as it relates to constraints on countries potentially using MMT as an economic framework. Finally, Kelton touches on the ‘job guarantee vs. UBI’ debate and much more in this interview that is sure to be a learning experience for MMT skeptics and believers alike. Filmed on July 2, 2020.
Real VisionJuly 06, 2020
Daily Briefing - July 6, 2020
Max Wiethe joins managing editor Ed Harrison to discuss sentiment, the 2020 election, and forward earnings and what sort of impact that will have on markets in the coming months. Max and Ed first break down Peter Atwater’s interview from last week on Real Vision, examining his thoughts on current market sentiment and US politics, which then leads them to consider what a Democratic sweep would mean for fiscal policy and how MMT policy would affect equities. They also talk about the growing consensus around the Fed’s indirect influence on equities, what variables would challenge the narrative of the Fed’s omnipotence, and how the growing number of companies suspending EPS estimates makes the future that much more unclear. In the intro, Peter Cooper shines a light on Warren Buffett's recent purchase of major natural gas pipelines from energy giant Dominion Energy.
Real VisionJuly 06, 2020
COVID-19 and Financial Markets in a Post-Stimulus World
Dr. Z. Barton Wang of Barton Research joins Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, for a conversation about the lasting impact of COVID-19 on financial markets. Wang breaks down the institutional response from the Treasury Department and the Fed to the pandemic and considers that response's effect on financial markets. He points out several abnormal market drivers in order to explain how markets have behaved over the last few weeks and months. Wang also shares his view on the biggest risks to the market right now, including the roll-off of the CARES act and other stimulus packages, as well as provide his perspective on what could happen in the markets over the next few weeks, months, and years. Filmed on July 1, 2020.

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